Rings 09.03.2012
Eternity Lover's Knot Ring

Eternity Knot Ring Shows Changing Styles in the 18thC

This ring perfectly illustrates the change in style between the Rococo standardisation and the new Neoclassical influence that emerged c.1765….

Rings 16.12.2011
Chas Fraser / OB: 16 April 1746 / Born: May 23/ 1725 Mourning Ring

The Eternity Twist, Hairwork, Crystal and the Early 18th Century / Ring

Twisting hairwork into the eternity knot was quite a popular motif in the first half of the 18th century, one…

Lockets 10.10.2011
Hon Alice Nugent in a 1730 Mourning Locket

Eternity in a Twist: The Hon Alice Nugent in a 1730 Mourning Locket and the Hairwork Eternity

When presented with a beautiful piece like this, one can’t help but emote. There are so many reasons why this…

Lockets 09.10.2010
Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre Mourning Pendant

The Further the Distance the Tighter the Knot; Eternity and Romantic Symbolism on a French Sepia Miniature

Symbolism and beauty are two words to describe this French piece. The two birds (winged souls) tying together the knot of eternity and love as the ship is sailing away from the castle on top of a cliff face. The boat can be taken as a literal interpretation of sentimental distance, or as the passage of a soul towards the afterlife, however as the boat shows its passage towards the horizon, then one can expect that the symbolism falls into the latter. When combined with the eternity knot, the sentiment of love shows a love forever unbroken despite any figurative distance.

Lockets 07.10.2010
Besty Robinson Obt 3rd Octr 1809 Pendant Sepia Hairwork

An Emotional Look at the Start of the 19th Century in a Mourning Pendant c.1809

Firstly, let’s look at the context of this piece. During the first quarter of the 19th century, the world was…

Symbolism 29.08.2010

Symbolism Sunday, The Serpent

It’s a lovely Sunday and I hope you’re enjoying your breakfast, lunch (or brunch), so now let’s get you up…