Rings 08.07.2013
William Harry Vane, 1st Duke of Cleveland 1842 Serpent Ring

William Harry Vane Serpent Mourning Ring

Sometimes a jewel can be the very definition of its time. A ring, worn to be seen and never hidden,…

Bracelets 19.09.2012
In Spite of Envy Neoclassical Sepia Bracelet

In Spite of Envy, The Ideal Neoclassical Bracelet

Perhaps one of the most beautiful sentimental pieces ever conceived, this bracelet clasp is rich is affectionate symbolism and stunningly…

Accessories 31.08.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Serpent Clasp Heart

Art of Hairwork 1: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Serpent Clasp

Discovery is one of the most enlightening and exciting elements to collecting and understanding anything antique. With jewels, there is…

Brooches 27.07.2012
Serpent Snake Garnet Paste 19th Century Brooch

Garnet Serpent Brooch, Early 19th Century

The snake motif was a popular symbol of eternal love, as it showed the snake ingesting its own tail, therefore…

Brooches 16.07.2012
Serpent Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Serpent, Eye Portrait Brooch, Early 19th Century

Eye miniatures are one of the more unusual trends to emerge during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. Often…

Rings 02.01.2012
1853 Many Anne Lewis Mourning Ring

M.A Lewis Mourning Ring, 1852

An ideal piece for the middle of the 19th Century; this ring encapsulates all of the design motifs popular with…

Collecting 13.06.2011
Neoclassical Symbol Ring Mourning

Grand Tour 2011: Treasure from Abroad (Part 2)

I know it’s not Symbolism Sunday, but this one is worthy of a very big article, so I’ll show it…

Symbolism 29.08.2010

Symbolism Sunday, The Serpent

It’s a lovely Sunday and I hope you’re enjoying your breakfast, lunch (or brunch), so now let’s get you up…