Collecting 03.12.2015
Full-length portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-87), standing in mourning costume, with the Royal Arms of Scotland behind; she holds a crucifix in her right hand, a prayer-book in her left, and wears a cross and rosary; behind her are her two ladies; left a scene of her execution

Mourning Jewels: How They Were Worn, Part 1

A question as simple as ‘how was a jewel worn?’ leads to the most complex of answers. The narrative of…

Other 19.07.2010
Sarah King Ring 1790

Finding The Right Piece to Wear

I don’t really wear anything that I buy, which sometimes gets me down. You’d think that for someone who spends…

Other 11.03.2010

Wearing Hairwork: Why, Hayden, Why?

Wearing hairwork isn’t something that I would recommend as a daily habit. My only caveat for that is that if…