Bracelets 12.01.2015
20th century charm bracelet in silver

Charms, Chains and Bracelets

Charm bracelets defy the typical aesthetic convention of wrist jewellery, due to their ability to adapt, grow and completely contradict…

Collecting 24.11.2014
Richard Redgrave, 1846, "Throwing Off Her Weed"

A  Guide to the Stages of Mourning

Grief is automatically triggered by loss as part of our psychological construction. Mourning, in its most pure form, is a…

Art 08.09.2010

Queen Victoria Funeral Programme

Continuing on our little discovery of ephemera and funeralia, let’s focus on another wonderful piece from Queen Victoria’s passing… For…

Art 25.08.2010

Queen Victoria Funeral Card

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at a collection of ephemera from Queen Victoria’s funeral, so we’ll begin…