Memories 06.07.2015
A gold mourning brooch with black and white enamel frame set with circular miniature of Queen Victoria wearing the riband of the Order of the Garter

Mourning Fashion & Jewels During Victoria

Victoria’s reign from the 20th of June, 1837 to the 22nd of January, 1901 was the height and decline of the…

Lockets 27.02.2013
1870 Jet Mourning Pendant

Jet and Hairwork Mourning Pendant, 1870

As a popular material for the purposes of fashion, jet was held in high regard during the 1860s-1890s. Why this…

Lockets 25.02.2013
Jet Pearl Locket

Late Victorian Pearl Cross/Sheaf Locket

Vulcanite, Jet and the materials to represent the same styles are many of the most misinterpreted in mourning and sentimental…

Accessories 19.10.2012
Jet Earrings

Late 19th Century Jet Earrings

Catalogues of the 19th century are one of the most invaluable ways of finding out about the date of a…

Lockets 27.08.2012
Jet Necklace Victorian

Jet Necklace and Locket

Typical of the second half of the 19th Century, jet and its imitations of vulcanite, bakelite and French Jet gained…

Collecting 25.12.2011
Erica Weiner Mourning Ring, M.L.D, Dec. 25, '93 Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Dear Mourners, It’s been an exceptionally large year at Art of Mourning and we’ve seen the jewellery/memorial/sentimental community grow exponentially!…

Lockets 18.07.2011
jet cameo pendant 1879

Suffer a Jet Locket!

For more on Jet and its similar materials, have a look at these articles and for something beautiful, read the…

Art 22.02.2011

French Jet and Vauxhall Glass

As far as jet imitations go, French jet is one of the most common. For a collector, it’s hard to…

Art 15.02.2011

Bog Oak

While not considered to be an imitation of jet (as is often the common misconception), bog oak is a material…

Art 08.02.2011


Vulcanite was patented in 1846 by Goodyear (the same tyre manufacturer of today), as the patent specified a manner of…

Art 01.02.2011


Bakelite is worth noting in the series of jet and its imitations, but the use of Bakelite in mourning and…

Art 25.01.2011


Due to its black colour and easy translation into mourning costume, jet is a material which suffers from mourning connotations,…

Other 11.07.2010
Ballarat Winter Antique Fair 2010

Ballarat Winter Antique Fair 2010: Goldrush Edition

Normally, I’d say it was the ‘Spoils of War’ post antique fair, but as this particular one was opposite the…