Rings 15.03.2013
Pietas Swivel Ring

Presenting a Gold Agate ‘Pietas’ Intalglio Swivel Seal Ring

As seen in this closely related ring: The early 19th century had a new definition of loving sentimentality, with a…

Lockets 30.01.2013
Watercolour Pendant 19th Century Ship

Paper/Watercolour Neoclassical Miniature Pendant

Often when critiquing a Neoclassical piece with art, you’ll often find me reference the quality of the painting itself. Be…

Lockets 02.01.2013
Late Georgian Heart

Late Georgian Heart Pendant With Hairwork

The heart, as a motif in jewellery symbolism, is one of the most potent symbols of love represented as a…

Miniatures 19.11.2012
Neoclassical, Miniature, Georgian, 18th Century, Woman, Symbolism,

Idyllic Sentimental Neoclassical Miniature

Here, we have a radiance of symbolism, infused into the Neoclassical miniature; a confluence of symbolism that is encapsulated within…

Accessories 29.10.2012
Mourning Stickpin

Memorial Stickpin With Gothic Revival Flair

Stick pins can be dated to the latter half of the 17th Century and were a common accessory, but are…

Accessories 17.10.2012
Thomas White, London Skull Clock

Mourning, Memorial and Sentimental Accessories

Memorial jewellery accessories are quite numerous, due to the popular and personal nature of the style and also because of…

Bracelets 26.09.2012
1855 Family Hairwork Bracelet

1855 Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are more common in sentimental and mourning jewellery. As much as the clasp or gold work in a…

Bracelets 07.09.2012
Stuart Crystal, Sentimental, Mourning, Bracelet, Gold Cypher, Cipher, 17th Century

Early Modern Memorial and Sentimental Bracelets

Due to their size and function, sentimental and memorial bracelets have varied in degrees of popularity over time. Unlike more…

Accessories 05.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Enamel

Art of Hairwork 5: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Black Enamel Fittings

Symbolism in watch chains and their fittings are primarily the key identifier when it comes to many of the surviving…

Accessories 04.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Acorns

Art of Hairwork 4: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Acorn Charms

There are several elements here that are intrinsic to Victorian style and fashion that represent the person, that involves not…

Lockets 24.08.2012
REGARD Rococo Revival Heart Necklace

REGARD This Necklace As Perfect

‘REGARD’ jewellery are love tokens, finding popularity from the early 19th century, that are still being produced today. These jewels…

Lockets 22.08.2012
Rococo Revival French Necklace

French Rococo Revival Necklace

There are many elements to the Rococo Revival style that are evocative of the changing perceptions in the 19th century….

Lockets 19.08.2012
Hairwork necklace with locket

Necklaces and Chains, An Overview

Necklaces can be worn as a fashion article, or hidden as a personal memento, and that is why lockets are…

Brooches 13.07.2012

“Mourn, oh Cupids and Venuses!”

Anyone who has been collecting mourning jewelry for some time knows that there are definite similarities between jewels of mourning…

Brooches 09.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Sentimental Bird Peacock

Peacock Symbolism in a Neoclassical Brooch

For a work of art from a specific period in jewellery history, there’s nothing so unique as this brooch. Forsaking…

Brooches 25.06.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Romantic

Love Unites Us in a Stunning Sepia Brooch

This sepia brooch exemplifies its style and setting in fashion, as often sepia miniatures are considered by many to be…

Rings 07.05.2012
Georgian Diamond Ring

Neoclassical Oval Diamond Mourning Ring

Mourning rings, as discussed in other articles, have a tremendous variation in quality and style. Much of this is to…

Rings 02.05.2012
1792 Sepia Mourning Ring

Two Lovers Captured in a Sepia Ring From 1792

The transference into the Neoclassical period of the 18th century exemplified the humanist movement in such a way that, even…

Rings 12.03.2012
Embroidered Hair on Silk/Material Ring, 1763

Embroidered Hair on Silk/Material Ring, 1763

As we saw in the ‘Eternity Knot Ring Shows Changing Styles in the 18thC’ article, the Neoclassical movement swiftly appropriated…

Rings 14.02.2012
1900 Hairwork Chester Band

1900 Chester Hairwork Band

As we look to the end of the 19th century in rings, particularly hairwork bands, it’s noticeable to see the…

Rings 13.02.2012
Pearl Hairwork Band 1890

Pearl Hairwork Band

In the same vein as the surrounding hair bands, this piece is c1890 and carries a single pearl (tear). Another…

Rings 10.02.2012
1891 Pearl Hairwork Enamel Band

1891 Hairwork / Black Enamel Band with a Pearl and Buckle

Hair bands, with the central groove, had the hair glued woven and glued into the ring, making them more wearable…

Rings 08.02.2012
1889 Blue Enamel Band

Blue Enamel Hairwork Band, 1889

Often hair bands did not have a top placement area and the shanks were open bodied, revealing the hair inside….

Rings 03.02.2012
Scottish Sentimental Hairwork Ring in Box

1888 Scottish Hairwork Band in Original Box

An excellent example of love tokens from the time. Still in its original heart shaped box, this ring is a…

Rings 01.02.2012
1888 Mourning Ring, Black Enamel

1888 “Father” Mourning Ring

This piece represents the difference in the top area of hair bands. Often personalised with initials, often shaped in the…

Rings 30.01.2012
Blond Hairwork Buckle Band 1881

1881 Blonde Hairwork Buckle Band

This hair band in the form of a buckle houses blonde hair. It is a very fine piece, but the…

Rings 27.01.2012
Completely Hairwork Band, Late 19th Century

Completely Hairwork Band, Late 19th Century

This band of hair is a testament to the hairworking industry in America of the time. Only the gold plaque…

Rings 13.01.2012
1876 Mourning Hairwork Band

1876 Mourning Hairwork Band

Hair bands (rings with hair woven through a compartment in the shank) became popular from the 1870s. Pieces in this…

Rings 08.01.2012
Hairwork Band, 1884

W.M.G 1884 Hairwork Band

Bands from W.M.G widely propagate. Bands for funerals, as well as simple rings themselves, were made in high order for…

Rings 04.01.2012
“my david” sentimental ring, 1860

“My David” Victorian Hairwork Band

A wonderful example of a 19th century, gold (tested) mourning ring with plaited hair band. The front of the ring…