Rings 03.09.2016
Bronze religious buckle ring, c.14th Century, inscribed "MATER DEI MEMANTO" / "Mother of God Remember Me".

Ecclesiastical Jewels in the Middle Ages

Piety and fidelity are the primary aspects of what drive the need for a memory of love. The idea of…

Rings 06.08.2015
Silver gilt ring, the applied bezel with a heart between two death's heads. The hoop engraved with a worm and inscribed in black letter + iohes godefroy

The Earliest Mourning Ring

Discovering a beginning is the true way to understand the very essence of a concept. Mourning, at its core, is about…

Memories 04.05.2015
Pendant, gold, set with a cameo under crystal of George I, England, about 1715

Mourning Fashion & Jewels During George I & II

Between 1714 and 1760, the monarchy under George I and George II created a stable and viable mourning industry that…

Bracelets 12.01.2015
20th century charm bracelet in silver

Charms, Chains and Bracelets

Charm bracelets defy the typical aesthetic convention of wrist jewellery, due to their ability to adapt, grow and completely contradict…

Rings 01.11.2014
Coronet "A souvenir (memory) of a daughter like no other" Crystal Ring

A Mourning Tour: “A souvenir (memory) of a daughter like no other” Coronet Crystal Ring

There is a delicate sentimentality in Stuart period jewels which reflect a burgeoning sense of love between two people. Attainable…

Memories 03.01.2012

Step Back In Time With The Victoriana Lady

For those of you who share a passion for history and enjoy learning more about what has come before (I’m…

Hairwork 09.09.2011

Mystery Solved: Identity Discovered Behind Ship Ring

For those of you who are new here, or who are not familiar with the wonderfully informative article that Hayden…

Collecting 15.08.2011

Monday Mourning

Memories are the essential reason for the creation of these wonderful gems that we adore so much and it is…

Symbolism 22.05.2011

Symbolism Sunday Memorial

A list of articles based around popular Neoclassical symbols and motifs: Previously on Symbolism Sunday: The Lamb Mizpah The Maltese…

Symbolism 01.05.2011
Maltese Cross Fob

Symbolism Sunday, The Maltese Cross / Cross Formée

It’s that time of the week again and we’re going to cross our symbols a little. Normally, this wouldn’t be…

Symbolism 17.04.2011
Greek Key Brooch Victorian

Symbolism Sunday, The Greek Keys

Good morning, jewellery historians! It’s time to unlock your doors, welcome in that fresh sea breeze and start preparing a…

Collecting 09.03.2011

For Those Who Came In Late: Interview with Jewellery Historian and Creative Director, Hayden Peters

For those who visit this site and experience a new/different area of jewellery that is part of cultrual and social…

Symbolism 06.03.2011
The peacock in jewellery symbolism

Symbolism Sunday; The Peacock

Rarely does a symbol encompass so much and rarely does a symbol appear do visually stunning as a motif that…

Art 25.01.2011


Due to its black colour and easy translation into mourning costume, jet is a material which suffers from mourning connotations,…

Rings 19.06.2010

Hold the Shank

One of the easiest ways to spot the age of a ring is from the shank. Don’t believe me? Well,…

Other 06.03.2010
Ballarat Antique Fair

Ballarat Antique Fair

Are you at the Ballarat Antique Fair yet? I am and you’re missing out on a marvellous lecture by yours…

Symbolism 17.01.2006

Symbolism Meaning: Gemstones

Symbolism Meaning: Animals Symbolism Meaning: Objects Symbolism Meaning: Plants Symbolism Meaning: Inscriptions Symbolism Meaning: Gemstones Agate: Health, longevity. Alexandrine: Truth,…