Rings 11.11.2013
Sepia ring, c.1770, pearls, cherub, wreath, column, hearts, dove

Sacred to Friendship – Discovering New Messages of Love in 1770

One of the key aspects of a love token is that it resonates a certain personality of its wearer. With…

Rings 16.04.2012
1787 Sepia Ring

Sepia Dove, Wreath, Hearts and a Column in a Georgian Ring

Duality is the perfect way to describe this ring, in its symbolism, style and dedication. Dedicated to two people and…

Art 21.01.2011
Hair Wreath

Hair Wreath / Art

Wreaths can be an exceptional symbol of love from the family unit, often constructed with the hair of the entire…

Art 11.07.2010
1830 Memorial and Hairwork with Wreath

Spotlight On: 1830s Hairwork and Memorial

With its hairwork and wreath, this piece is quite a unique piece of funeralia that is certainly relevant. This piece…

Funeralia 04.07.2010
1840 Memorial Wreath

Spotlight On: 1840s Mourning Wreath

Hairwork has a large role to play in the creation of much memorial art. Other hairwork memorials such as this…

Collecting 09.03.2010

Shame On You

To follow up to my last post ‘Fool Me Twice…‘, I do recall the very same dealer venting his lack…