Lockets 25.02.2013
Jet Pearl Locket

Late Victorian Pearl Cross/Sheaf Locket

Vulcanite, Jet and the materials to represent the same styles are many of the most misinterpreted in mourning and sentimental…

Symbolism 27.02.2011

Symbolism Sunday, Wheat

It’s another Sunday and you’re no doubt very hungry this morning for a good brunch, so to get you in…

Brooches 27.09.2010
Diana Forsyth Family Brooch - Artemis Cameo mid 19th Century with Hairwork

Join Me with a Look at a 19th Century Sentimental Cameo Brooch of Artemis Featuring Hairwork

From the collection of the family of Diana Forsyth comes this wonderful (and pristine) cameo brooch. In a change of pace today, I’m inviting you to join me on a spontaneous evaluation of the piece, rather than spending hours researching, then displaying the knowledge. You’re going for a little walk through my mind, (beware) so let’s begin to have a look at it…