Bracelets 10.10.2012
Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Depending on the weave, hairwork can stretch to the size of the wearer. Turquoise beads and late 19th Century etching…

Bracelets 08.10.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

A Simple Hairwork Bracelet

A very humble piece, this bracelet is of a tough weave and has kept in magnificent condition. The hair is…

Bracelets 05.10.2012
Bracelet, Hairwork, Table Worked, Victorian, 19th Century,

Looking at Victorian Bracelet Clasps

Clasps can define the age of a piece or make it more desirable than another. Many hairwork bracelets have been…

Bracelets 03.10.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

Large Weave Hairwork Bracelet

Elasticity is one of the most important factors in hairwork bracelets; their expansion was necessary to accommodate being worn over…

Bracelets 28.09.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

Victorian Enamel and Hairwork Bracelet

There is an unusual amount of fine construction in this bracelet that sets it apart from more common pieces in…

Bracelets 26.09.2012
1855 Family Hairwork Bracelet

1855 Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are more common in sentimental and mourning jewellery. As much as the clasp or gold work in a…

Bracelets 24.09.2012
Hairwork Miniature Bracelet

Possible John Wood Dodge Miniature

18K solid case and clasp fittings elaborately engraved and enamelled, housing portrait of (yet) unknown sitter of watercolor on ivory…

Bracelets 21.09.2012
Seed Pearl Hairwork Bracelet and Necklace

Delicate Seed Pearl Bracelet and Necklace

If ever there was a set dedicated to the glorification of pearls, these would be it. The seed pearls combined…