Art 20.01.2014
mourning sampler Mary Ann Medcalf 1857

Mourning Sampler for the Medcalf Family, 1857

Needlework is one of the most personal expressions of mourning art, and this is due to the lack of a…

Art 22.06.2011
Mourning Death Sampler

Just a Sample

Samplers sure are lovely, indeed, if you like them as I do, have a read through this area of Art…

Art 14.01.2011
1915 Needlework Sampler

1915 Needlework Mourning Sampler

A marked change from the earlier funerary symbolism can be seen with this piece, so a softer, more gentle ‘heavenly’…

Art 11.01.2011

1914 Memorial Sampler

From 1914, this piece shows the great difference in style from the previous century. In many ways, it is more…

Art 04.01.2011
English 1892 Mourning Sampler

English 1892 Mourning Needlework Sampler

Set in its original English Oak frame with a metal backing, this superb sampler raises a lot of questions about…

Art 28.12.2010
1892 Mourning Needlework Sampler

1892 Mourning Needlework Sampler

Much like the piece from 1886, this piece from 1892 is far superior and shows a very experienced hand in…

Art 21.12.2010
1886 Mourning Needlework Sampler

1886 Mourning Needlework Sampler

The open weave of this piece and the bold type make it very plain in its way, but it follows…

Art 14.12.2010
Mourning Needlework Photograph

Mourning Sampler with Photograph, c.1880

Being a later piece, this sampler lacks formal design and opts for a flowing leaf and flower pattern. The photograph…

Art 10.12.2010
1858 Mourning Needlework Sampler

1858 Mourning Needlework Sampler

From 1858, this sampler is shows mature and experienced stitching. The two trees bow down to the women mourning next…

Art 03.12.2010
1855 Needlework Mourning Sampler

1855 Needlework Mourning Sampler

Colourfully styled and showing practice in the use of the needle, this piece shows a wonderful rendering of the plinth…

Art 23.11.2010
1843 Mourning Needlework Sampler

1843 Mourning Needlework Sampler

Just using the text, this sampler is a charming statement from a sister to a departed infant brother. Miss Preston,…

Art 16.11.2010

1840 Mourning Needlework Sampler

Dating from seven years ahead of the previous sampler, this English piece from 1840 has motifs that are more common…

Art 12.11.2010
1834 Mourning Sampler

1834 Mourning Sampler

The simplistic nature of this piece from 1834 is a wonderful example of needlework and symmetry. From Birmingham, Ann Babbington…

Art 09.11.2010
1797 Mourning Needlework Sampler

1797 Mourning Sampler

Over the next few Needlework and Art updates, I’ll be referencing this piece, as it shows the evolution of the…