Rings 13.02.2012
Pearl Hairwork Band 1890

Pearl Hairwork Band

In the same vein as the surrounding hair bands, this piece is c1890 and carries a single pearl (tear). Another…

Rings 10.02.2012
1891 Pearl Hairwork Enamel Band

1891 Hairwork / Black Enamel Band with a Pearl and Buckle

Hair bands, with the central groove, had the hair glued woven and glued into the ring, making them more wearable…

Rings 01.02.2012
1888 Mourning Ring, Black Enamel

1888 “Father” Mourning Ring

This piece represents the difference in the top area of hair bands. Often personalised with initials, often shaped in the…

Lockets 07.01.2012
Late Georgian Heart Pearl Pendant 19th Century

Late Georgian Heart Pearl Pendant 19th Century

Another example of the heart motif used in late 18th Century / early 19th Century jewellery. This time, the inscription…

Rings 06.01.2012
Forget-me-not heart mourning ring

1862 Pearl Forget-Me-Not Ring

This particular ring tells a tale that exemplifies the Victorian Era. It shows the different facets of society that relate…

Collecting 25.12.2011
Erica Weiner Mourning Ring, M.L.D, Dec. 25, '93 Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Dear Mourners, It’s been an exceptionally large year at Art of Mourning and we’ve seen the jewellery/memorial/sentimental community grow exponentially!…

Rings 16.12.2011

Round Mourning Ring, c.1800-1820

The circular face for the hair memento in this piece with the pearl surrounds is more common of the turn…

Rings 14.12.2011

Mourning Ring, c1820 with Pearls

This piece from around 1820 shows the same prominent hair memento as the previous pieces, but is much larger in…

Rings 12.12.2011

Broken Mourning Ring c.1815

For the collector, pieces that are substandard in their condition may still be collectable for their value as defying convention…

Rings 21.11.2011

Ring Design in the Early 19th Century: Open Shank

Experimentation of styles at the end of the Neoclassical movement created some unusual and quite beautiful forms of mainstream design…

Bracelets 09.11.2011

In a 1789 Bracelet, Affection Weeps, Heaven Rejoices

Pearls and hairwork are often two of the most common materials used in stringing a bracelet  from the neoclassical era,…

Lockets 19.10.2011

A Grand Statement in an Early Pendant

Often when appraising jewels, it’s easy to lose sight of their fashionable purpose, of promoting an aesthetic that is beautiful…

Brooches 08.08.2011
Red Enamel Navette Pearl Brooch

Navette Red Enamel Brooch (with pearls!)

Nothing is quite so sad for me as to see an antiques dealer retire or go out of business. In…

Lockets 20.07.2011
1815 Georgian Eye Miniature Pearl

Eye See You – Pearl Eye Pendant

Here’s one that has survived well! Barbara, let’s take a look: Here is a very nice eye pendant, on card,…

Bracelets 21.09.2010
Eye MIniature Portrait Bracelet Georgian

‘Though Lost to Sight, To Memory Ever Dear’ Miniature Eye Portrait Bracelet

I’ve written quite a bit about eye miniatures and their use in mourning and sentimental jewellery. These are one of…

Lockets 17.09.2010
Charles I Miniature Pendant with Pearl

Charles I Royalist Pendant with Enamel and Pearl with Discussion

I don’t think there’s enough that I can say about these Charles I pieces. To me, they represent the inception of an industry that certainly was on the verge of being one of the most culturally important movements in modern history, due to its cross-cultural pervasiveness and obvious necessity. Yes, I’m talking about the industry of mourning.

Brooches 04.05.2010

Spotlight On: Pearl and Paste Brooch

As the 19th Century approached, styles altered greatly, with the size of the previous pieces growing smaller and the importance…