Miniatures 18.08.2014
French Mourning Miniature and mother on February 22nd, 1787, age 11 years, 4 months and 22 days.”

A French Mourning Pendant in 1787 For A Child

One of the most difficult concepts to gasp when identifying and appreciating mourning jewels is trying to separate the emotional…

Rings 27.05.2011

Hello ‘Mother’! A Hinged Hairwork Band

When it comes to hinges in rings, there are many variations of the kind and it’s only when a style…

Brooches 15.10.2010

A Sentimental Brooch For a Mother and Daughter, c.1860

Dedication: To D.H.R from her affectionate mother. Often a piece comes along that you feel in your heart is special…