Rings 18.05.2012
The Forget Me Not Blue Enamel Diamond Ring Navette

Diamond Navette Ring, Late 18th Century

The combination of blue enamel and diamonds aren’t a coincidence, there are intrinsic links in their symbolism and meaning that…

Rings 09.04.2012
1786 Fleur De Lis Mourning Ring

1786 Black Enamel Fleur-De-Lis Mourning Ring

The fleur-de-lis is an interesting design for the above ring, especially for a piece of this time. The significance of…

Rings 20.02.2012
Louis XIV Memento Mori Intaglio Ring

Louis XIV Memento Mori Intaglio Ring

This ring is a fine example of French memento mori jewellery and is a wonderful contrast to the English style…

Lockets 19.10.2011

A Grand Statement in an Early Pendant

Often when appraising jewels, it’s easy to lose sight of their fashionable purpose, of promoting an aesthetic that is beautiful…

Lockets 25.06.2010

Is It, Or Isn’t It? Heart Pendant – First Impressions

One of the joys and perils of knowing a little bit about old jewellery is that people want to know…