Brooches 17.04.2016
Hair-work brooch made of brown human hair. Shaped in a bow. The centre is bound round with gold wire and the ends are trimmed with gold tassels. There is a gold pin engraved with the birth and death dates of a 16-year-old. With a black card box with an engraved label.

A Hair Brooch for Sarah Beth Sparks, 1841

The beauty of mourning jewels is how immediate they are with their emotion. They don’t need to be expensive, elaborate…

Accessories 22.07.2010

Spotlight On: Bilston (Battersea?) Box

A colourful piece and a statement on mortality, this enamelled box doesn’t have the fine quality of the mourning piece,…

Accessories 21.07.2010
Bilston Box

Lewd Bilston Enamel Box

I could wax lyrical about the symbolism in this piece, but I’d rather just let you marvel at how wonderful…