Bracelets 10.10.2012
Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Depending on the weave, hairwork can stretch to the size of the wearer. Turquoise beads and late 19th Century etching…

Brooches 01.08.2012
Bow 19th Century Brooch

Love Wrapped in a Bow: Pearl Brooch

The bow is a symbol of love and eternity that resonates through many different forms of wearable jewellery (which particularly…

Rings 30.03.2012
1786 Sepia Ring

1786 Sepia Ring “What Thou Has Lost, Heaven Has in Store”

Artwork painted on ivory (and sometimes vellum or paper) from the latter 18th Century tend to vary in quality. Sometimes…