Lockets 30.11.2012
Stuart Crystal Heart Memento Mori Locket Angels

Stuart Crystal Heart Pendant with Angels and Crown

The heart as a motif and a symbol of love has defined the intrinsic message of love since early-modern times…

Brooches 18.06.2012
Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Angelic Skeletons in A Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Extraordinary is the only way to consider the symbolism used in this piece. From a modern perspective, it may be…

Symbolism 08.08.2010

Symbolism Sunday, Angels

It’s that time again to relax, and turn your eyes over to some quick symbolism! As the ‘messengers of God’,…

Funeralia 08.07.2010
19th century picture frame mourning angels

Spotlight On: 19th Century Mourning Picture Frame

This frame (with modern picture inserted) is an original memorial frame dated 1877. Take note of the urn and weeping…