Lockets 11.07.2011
Jean Petitot Louis XIV Enamel Pendant

A Jean Petitot Louis XIV Enamel Pendant?

I’ll let the brilliant Barbara Robbins speak a little about this beautiful piece: “Here is an enamelled portrait miniature of…

Rings 19.10.2010

Hold the Shank! Simple Signs to Spot for Simple Dating of Mourning and Sentimental Rings

One of the easiest ways to spot the age of a ring is from the shank. Don’t believe me? Well, you’re in for a shock. What’s the best way to tell a piece verging on Rococo from Baroque? If you’re excellent with your Stuart Crystals, then you know your stuff, but for the rest of us simple folk, we need a good point of reference.

Other 17.09.2010
Lord Hayden Peters on The Collectors ABC

The Collectors on ABC For Download

Yes, jewellery collectors and those who fancy an odd curiosity – you can now download ABC’s Collectors with my segment…

Brooches 14.09.2010

Blast From the Past: Halley’s Comet in Jewellery

Don’t forget to watch ABC’s The Collectors at 8pm on Friday night (will be posted on iView later), but in…

Memories 09.07.2010

Art of Mourning: A ReDesign for Living

After a months of living with that rather ordinary WordPress stock design, I’ve taken the liberty of integrating the Art…