Lockets 01.07.2013
Charles I Royalist Pendant, Jan 30, 1648

Charles I Royalist Pendant, Jan 30, 1648

Charles I was born on the 19th of November, 1600 and executed on the 30th of January 1649, facing a…

Lockets 28.11.2012
Stuart Crystal Heart Memento Mori Locket

Memento Mori Stuart Crystal Heart

Several factors in this pendant make it pertinent to symbolic, industrial and cultural history. The truth in this piece is…

Lockets 26.11.2012
Charles II Locket

Charles II Pendant

The reunification of England was crucial to the development of the mourning and sentimental jewellery industry, primarily due to religious…

Lockets 23.11.2012
Charles I Locket

Lockets and Pendants From Early Modern to Today

In the same fashion as rings, lockets and pendants are important in their evolution and personal importance. As relevant as…

Rings 17.10.2011
Charles I Mourning Ring Front

An Historical Charles I Ring

This piece dedicated to Charles I is a display of affection that would eventually generate the popularity of the mourning…

Lockets 15.07.2011
Charles I Enamel Locket

Charles I Enamel Locket

Collecting is all about historical archiving, keeping these pieces safe for the future and letting as many people learn about…

Rings 13.07.2011
Louis XVI Royalist Supporter French Ring

Louis XVI Royalist Supporter French Ring

Excuse me while I marvel at this gem – please tell the crowd all about it, Barbara: “this is Royalist…