Rings 19.03.2012
White Enamel and Amethyst Ring, 1770

White Enamel and Amethyst Ring, 1770

The curved inner shank of this piece reflects earlier construction from the first half of the 18th Century, but the…

Rings 09.03.2012
Eternity Lover's Knot Ring

Eternity Knot Ring Shows Changing Styles in the 18thC

This ring perfectly illustrates the change in style between the Rococo standardisation and the new Neoclassical influence that emerged c.1765….

Rings 07.03.2012
1755 Memento Mori Ring

Stuart Crystal Ring with Memento Mori Skull, 1755

Showing the Rococo scroll-work, faceted crystal and the blossom gold work on the back, this piece is a proud example…

Rings 05.03.2012
Memento Mori Rococo Stuart Crystal Skull Ring White Enamel

White Enamel Memento Mori Ring, 1740 for a 16 Year Old

A perfect example of an early use of the white enamelled convention for signifying the unmarried or ‘virginal’, this crystal…

Rings 02.03.2012
Rococo Memento Mori Skull Ring

Elaborate Rococo Memento Mori Ring, 1740

The 1740-60 period saw the absolute peak of the Rococo style and mourning jewellery reflected the mainstream in the same…

Rings 29.02.2012
Memento Mori Rococo Stuart Crystal Skull Ring

1761 Rococo Memento Mori Skull Ring

When people ask what the Rococo influence on jewellery was during the mid 18th century, this is the ring that…

Rings 27.02.2012
1730 Stuart Crystal Ring White Enamel

1730 White Enamel Stuart Crystal Ring

The 1730s saw a transition from the Baroque to a formal style and then into the Rococo. This is not…

Rings 22.02.2012
1699 Mourning Ring

J Scotts, 1699 Mourning Ring

By the end of the 18th century, there began a standardisation of styles in memorial jewellery that drew itself from…