Rings 26.10.2014

A Mourning Tour: Posie Rings

Posie rings, otherwise known as ‘poesy’, ‘posy’ or ‘posey’, are one of the primary catalysts for the mourning and sentimental…

Rings 17.04.2013
17th Century Memento Mori Posy Ring

“Let virtue Rule Affection” Posie/Poesy Ring

Here, we see popular art and design have its influence on a posie ring and announce a change in sentimental…

Rings 15.04.2013
17th Century Posy Ring

“Let’s Live and Die In Unity” – A Perfect Sentiment in a Ring

Posie/poesy rings are the mostly insightful pieces of jeweller for interpersonal relationships of the 16th and 17th centuries. In a…

Rings 10.04.2013
18th Century Fede Ring

Hold Hands With This Beautiful Fede Ring

The unified hands of this fede ring tell a tale which is intrinsically beautiful to its existence. The passage of…

Rings 05.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“In Christ and Thee My Comfort Be” Posie/Poesy Ring

Rings that define a relationship are often linked to the sanctity of religious piety, as that is the covenant that…

Rings 03.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“Be true in hart” and Honour a Posie/Poesy Ring

‘Be true in hart’ is a sentiment that is important for its message towards a loved one for many reasons….

Rings 01.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring White Enamel

“God forever bless us together” A White Enamel Posy Ring

White enamel is the symbol for virginity and purity, its context is predominantly used for the death of a child…

Rings 29.03.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

A Good Life and a Happy Death in a Posie/Poesy Ring

The Athenian Solon (638 BCE – 558 BCE) wrote that “True blessedness consisteth in a good life and a happy…

Rings 27.03.2013
17th Century Posy Ring Silver

“All I refuse & thee I chuse” Silver Posie/Posey Ring

With the sentiment of posie rings being popular today for their loving sentiment, it’s no surprise that their use as…

Rings 25.03.2013
17th Century Posy Ring

“Hearts United Live Contented” 17th Century Posie Ring

‘Hearts United Live Contented’ is a sentiment that resonates through posie rings and sentimental jewels from the early modern period…

Rings 22.03.2013
17th Century Posy Ring

‘Let vertue bee a guide’ 17th Century Posie Ring

As seen in this previous article ‘Posie Rings From the 17th Century‘, posie rings are identified predominantly by their inscriptions….

Rings 20.03.2013

Posie Rings From the 17th Century

Posie rings, otherwise known as ‘poesy’, ‘posy’ or ‘posey’, are one of the primary catalysts for the mourning and sentimental…