Brooches 14.04.2016
Openwork gold, enamelled in black set with diamonds and pearls, with pearls and diamond pendants

A French Black Enamel Brooch, c.1860

Global inspiration for jewellery design reflected colonisation and increased global transit that could share cultural art and values. The oriental route had…

Accessories 12.11.2015
Collection of mourning and sentimental jewels donated to Art of Mourning

A Collection & The Late 19th Century

Mourning jewellery holds a certain fascination in jewellery collecting, far more than any other modern style of jewel. They are…

Collecting 01.09.2015
Chased two-colour gold brooch set with carved amethysts in the form of a fruiting mulberry with an enamelled gold ladybird on one leaf. The mulberries are carved on the upper side only.

Jewellery Transition From Death to Life

Stages of mourning are the steps towards reappearance in society. Each stage has its rituals to enable respect and memory…

Brooches 12.11.2014
"Recuerd" Brooch with Turquoise, Doves and Forget-Me-Nots

A Mourning Tour: A ‘Recuerdo’ Brooch and Mourning/Sentimental Value

‘REGARD’ is a term used for both mourning and sentimental jewels; a term which crossed cultures and was embraced for…

Miniatures 18.08.2014
French Mourning Miniature and mother on February 22nd, 1787, age 11 years, 4 months and 22 days.”

A French Mourning Pendant in 1787 For A Child

One of the most difficult concepts to gasp when identifying and appreciating mourning jewels is trying to separate the emotional…

Brooches 04.08.2014
"Recuerd" Brooch with Turquoise, Doves and Forget-Me-Nots

A ‘Recuerdo’ Brooch and Mourning/Sentimental Value

‘REGARD’ is a term used for both mourning and sentimental jewels; a term which crossed cultures and was embraced for…

Rings 25.11.2013

“Dead to the world” French Mourning Ring, December 18, 1787

Historical sentimentality, regardless of era, culture or status still relies on the very nature of love and loss. A relationship…

Rings 02.09.2013
Edgar Mourning Ring, 1899

A Mourning Ring for Edgar, April 12th 1901

The late Victorian period was one of standardisation in social formality. In many ways, having standardisation or a static culture…

Lockets 08.03.2013
Neoclassical Revival Pendant, 1920

Neoclassical Influences on Later Jewellery

With the high level of accessible and affordable travel in the early 20th century, there was a rise in sentimental…

Lockets 25.02.2013
Jet Pearl Locket

Late Victorian Pearl Cross/Sheaf Locket

Vulcanite, Jet and the materials to represent the same styles are many of the most misinterpreted in mourning and sentimental…

Lockets 11.02.2013
Remember Pendant with Pearls

Seed Pearl and Gold Filigree ‘Remember’ Pendant

Jewellery and design are both a dance in the art of subtlety. Symbolism is often the outcome of this, with…

Lockets 25.01.2013
Georgian Urn Pendant

Three-Dimensional Urn Locket, Garnets, Pearls and Ribbon!

The intricacy of design that led to unique and unusual jewellery designs is often at the inception of a new…

Lockets 21.01.2013
Navette Neoclassical Bow Pendant

Hairwork Bow Inside a Neoclassical Pendant

This beautiful sentimental pendant houses the initials and hair of both lovers, tied in a bow with pearls. The concept…

Lockets 21.12.2012
Black Enamel French Mourning Locket

Rien Sans Amitie, Cabochon Garnet French Mourning Locket

By the time this piece became popular in fashionable styles, the ‘magical’ property of gems had started to permeate through…

Lockets 14.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century Ribbon Bow

Hairwork Bow/Ribbon Pendant

By the 1780s, many of the shapes in memorial and sentimental jewels that were common remained the popular standard. From…

Accessories 22.10.2012
Onyx Earrings

Progressive Style Onyx Earrings

Very Edwardian in style, these earrings show delicate forget-me-nots with pearls, resting on onyx. Onyx became a popular feature, taking…

Bracelets 01.10.2012
Civil War Bracelet

Baltimore 19th Century Bracelet

Bracelets, like any other form of jewellery, can be highly personalised, be it with hairwork or gold. This piece comes…

Bracelets 26.09.2012
1855 Family Hairwork Bracelet

1855 Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are more common in sentimental and mourning jewellery. As much as the clasp or gold work in a…

Bracelets 24.09.2012
Hairwork Miniature Bracelet

Possible John Wood Dodge Miniature

18K solid case and clasp fittings elaborately engraved and enamelled, housing portrait of (yet) unknown sitter of watercolor on ivory…

Bracelets 21.09.2012
Seed Pearl Hairwork Bracelet and Necklace

Delicate Seed Pearl Bracelet and Necklace

If ever there was a set dedicated to the glorification of pearls, these would be it. The seed pearls combined…

Bracelets 19.09.2012
In Spite of Envy Neoclassical Sepia Bracelet

In Spite of Envy, The Ideal Neoclassical Bracelet

Perhaps one of the most beautiful sentimental pieces ever conceived, this bracelet clasp is rich is affectionate symbolism and stunningly…

Bracelets 10.09.2012
Neoclassical, Bracelet, Hairwork, Table Worked, Pearl, Georgian, 18th Century

Neoclassical Influence in Bracelets

Popularity of the bracelet worked well with the neoclassical movement of the latter 18th Century. The size, and reliance on…

Accessories 04.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Acorns

Art of Hairwork 4: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Acorn Charms

There are several elements here that are intrinsic to Victorian style and fashion that represent the person, that involves not…

Brooches 14.08.2012

Mother/Daughter Brooch From 1860

Often a piece comes along that you feel in your heart is special and was kept untouched and loved for…

Brooches 01.08.2012
Bow 19th Century Brooch

Love Wrapped in a Bow: Pearl Brooch

The bow is a symbol of love and eternity that resonates through many different forms of wearable jewellery (which particularly…

Brooches 09.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Sentimental Bird Peacock

Peacock Symbolism in a Neoclassical Brooch

For a work of art from a specific period in jewellery history, there’s nothing so unique as this brooch. Forsaking…

Rings 14.05.2012
Blue Enamel 1796 Oval Pearl Ring

Blue Enamel 1796 Oval Pearl Ring

With neoclassical pieces, there is continuity to them and not just a broad period where different styles were mixed. Notice…

Rings 09.05.2012
1792 Blue Enamel Mourning Ring

Blue Enamel, Diamond Mourning Ring, 1797

If ever a jewel was designed for its materials, then this certainly fits the description. There is much to explain…

Rings 04.04.2012
To Bliss" / "In life Beloved, In Death Lamented

“To Bliss / “In life Beloved, In Death Lamented” A Sepia Ring

In the similar way that the “Sacred Will I Keep They Dear Remains” piece was personalised with the sentiment written…

Rings 26.03.2012

Blue/White Enamel Urn in Navette Georgian Ring

Enamel became one of the more important symbolic identifiers of the 18th century; its subtle use could denote the amount…