Lockets 23.06.2014
Victorian Locket Pendant Silver Enamel Monogram

Onyx and Silver ‘IMO’ Victorian Hairwork Pendant

The second half of the 19th century saw the combination of mainstream fashion and mourning fashion. High mortality rates and…

Brooches 14.04.2014
Rosamund Chapman Classical Mourning Ring 1768 / Age 59

Castles, Rivers, Boats and Classical Discovery in Jewellery

Identity is connected to history. Through the values, art and concepts of previous cultures, our identity is legitimised when we…

Bracelets 10.09.2012
Neoclassical, Bracelet, Hairwork, Table Worked, Pearl, Georgian, 18th Century

Neoclassical Influence in Bracelets

Popularity of the bracelet worked well with the neoclassical movement of the latter 18th Century. The size, and reliance on…