Miniatures 04.07.2016
Mourning miniature for a child.

A Boy’s Mourning Miniture

The 1800-1820 period in mourning jewels solidified their necessity and identity within social status and culture. The British, French and…

Lockets 24.04.2016

Neoclassical Mourning Locket & Royalty, 1821

Having privilege in wealth is not required for mourning jewels, but it certainly helps. The range of quality in bespoke…

Collecting 10.12.2015
Photograph of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) with Empress Frederick (1840-1901) both wearing black in mourning holding a photograph of Emperor Frederick III who died in June 1888

Mourning Jewels: How They Were Worn, Part 2

The wearing of 18th century mourning jewelry set the template for numerous revivals through to the 20th century. The 19th century was the catalyst…

Rings 18.11.2011
19th century memento mori ring

Skulls, Rings, the 19th Century… What We Must Ask

The skull in depiction is a good way of understanding whether or not a mourning jewel is all it claims…

Collecting 29.06.2011
Mourning Miniature in Original Box

‘These Ashes Are Precious to Me’ Mourning Miniature in Original Box!

Wow, take a deep breath and enjoy this wonderful miniature from Barbara Robbins – if you like what you see,…