Rings 28.04.2014
Onyx ring with willow and urn

The Urn, Willow and Onyx in the 18th Century

The urn and willow captured the imagination of the 18th century like no other mourning symbols. Their prominence of design…

Brooches 23.07.2012
Crescent 19th Century Brooch

Early 19th Century Crescent Brooch

Unusual shapes are often one of the most important things to look out for when collecting. The first quarter of…

Rings 04.06.2012
Wheat Sheaf Ring, 18th Century

18th Century Wheat Sheaf Hairwork Ring

The wheat sheaf was one of the more common symbols used in late 18th century Neoclassical jewels, a symbol that…

Rings 23.05.2012
Georgian Cameo Mourning Ring

Mourning Onyx Cameo Ring, Rich with Symbolism

One of the more unusual and exciting things about collecting antique mourning jewels is to see how they have been…

Rings 21.05.2012
Eye Portrait Miniature Ring Georgian

Miniature Georgian Eye Portrait Ring

Eye portraits are rare and highly sought after, but there is variation between them. In the portrait shown, the setting…

Rings 07.05.2012
Georgian Diamond Ring

Neoclassical Oval Diamond Mourning Ring

Mourning rings, as discussed in other articles, have a tremendous variation in quality and style. Much of this is to…

Rings 25.04.2012
Georgian Diamond Urn Ring

Amazing Georgian Diamond Urn Ring

There are many elements to this ring that put it in a specific spot in time. Let’s take a moment…

Rings 13.04.2012
Amethyst  Ring

A Very Simple Amethyst Ring, c.1780

This ring is an interesting study on the re-appropriation of jewellery and its sentiments. Originally, this ring was found without…

Rings 21.03.2012
Moss agate ring, 1774

Moss Agate Locket Ring, 1774

This extraordinary moss agate ring from 1774 shows the use of materials above the popular neoclassical symbolism of the time….

Rings 21.11.2011

Ring Design in the Early 19th Century: Open Shank

Experimentation of styles at the end of the Neoclassical movement created some unusual and quite beautiful forms of mainstream design…