Collecting 15.08.2011

Monday Mourning

Memories are the essential reason for the creation of these wonderful gems that we adore so much and it is…

Rings 10.06.2011
Diamond Urn Mourning Ring Blue Enamel 1803 / Bought in London

Grand Tour 2011: Treasure from Abroad (Part 1)

After travelling the earth for several weeks, I’m back and ready to look exploring new areas of jewellery! But before…

Collecting 21.09.2010
Lord Hayden Peters on The Collectors ABC

AOM in Sydney This Weekend

For one night only, I’ll be appearing in Sydney, Australia and perhaps hunting for the odd antique shop! From the…

Collecting 30.05.2010

How Far Would You Go?

Just how far would you go for a piece? In terms of distance, of course, I don’t want to imply…

Other 10.05.2010

The One That Got Away

It’s nearly the 10 year anniversary of the time I lost a loved one. There was a beautiful moment in…