Lockets 05.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Rectangular Pendant 18th Century

Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart

This crystal heart, measuring 1 and 1/8 inches North to South, and 7/8 of an inch East to West. It…

Lockets 03.12.2012
Stuart Crystal Rectangular Pendant Early 18th Century

Early 18th Century Rectangular Pendant

Early 18th century jewels are easy to define due to the rosette shape of the bezel. This is not something…

Lockets 30.11.2012
Stuart Crystal Heart Memento Mori Locket Angels

Stuart Crystal Heart Pendant with Angels and Crown

The heart as a motif and a symbol of love has defined the intrinsic message of love since early-modern times…

Lockets 28.11.2012
Stuart Crystal Heart Memento Mori Locket

Memento Mori Stuart Crystal Heart

Several factors in this pendant make it pertinent to symbolic, industrial and cultural history. The truth in this piece is…

Lockets 26.11.2012
Charles II Locket

Charles II Pendant

The reunification of England was crucial to the development of the mourning and sentimental jewellery industry, primarily due to religious…

Lockets 23.11.2012
Charles I Locket

Lockets and Pendants From Early Modern to Today

In the same fashion as rings, lockets and pendants are important in their evolution and personal importance. As relevant as…

Accessories 03.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain

Art of Hairwork 3: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Locket

Charms and accessories on hair fob chains and necklaces are as bespoke to the piece as the hair itself. It…

Lockets 27.08.2012
Jet Necklace Victorian

Jet Necklace and Locket

Typical of the second half of the 19th Century, jet and its imitations of vulcanite, bakelite and French Jet gained…

Lockets 24.08.2012
REGARD Rococo Revival Heart Necklace

REGARD This Necklace As Perfect

‘REGARD’ jewellery are love tokens, finding popularity from the early 19th century, that are still being produced today. These jewels…

Lockets 22.08.2012
Rococo Revival French Necklace

French Rococo Revival Necklace

There are many elements to the Rococo Revival style that are evocative of the changing perceptions in the 19th century….

Rings 21.03.2012
Moss agate ring, 1774

Moss Agate Locket Ring, 1774

This extraordinary moss agate ring from 1774 shows the use of materials above the popular neoclassical symbolism of the time….

Rings 25.01.2012
1880 Locket Ring

Anna Schrarn, 1881 Locket Ring

As seen in the ‘Discovering a 19th Century Swivel Ring’ piece, this ring shares remarkably the same style in terms…

Lockets 07.10.2011

Spotlight On: Hairwork Necklace and Locket

This mourning locket and chain are an excellent match, but are actually two separate pieces. The fittings only compliment the…

Lockets 22.07.2011
Sleep in Jesus Locket / In Memory Of Black Enamel

Sleep in Jesus: a dedication to a child, 1876

Gold back and front memorial lockets with various designs were ubiquitous mourning jewellery items in Victorian England and the United…

Lockets 15.07.2011
Charles I Enamel Locket

Charles I Enamel Locket

Collecting is all about historical archiving, keeping these pieces safe for the future and letting as many people learn about…

Lockets 05.07.2011
Charles II Silver Locket

Charles II Silver Locket

This wonderful piece could tell a few stories, I’m sure. From the always incredible Barbara Robbins is this smashing piece…

Lockets 27.06.2011
Four Treasure Sentimental Locket 1830

Four Treasures Within a Locket

I love lockets, next to rings, they’re one of the most popular items of mourning/sentimental jewellery. Why is this so?…

Rings 11.10.2010
Locket Ring, Hinged with Hairwork

Space Oddity; Understanding a Hinged / Locket Sentimental Ring with Hair

Been somewhat of an odd sort myself, it’s when I find the oddities and individuals in sentimental and mourning jewellery…

Rings 14.07.2010
1881 Opening Ring

1881 Opening Ring

Year: April 7, 1881 Dedication: “My Dear Mother” Anna Schrarn As well as the fine etching to this piece, it…

Lockets 10.06.2010

Spotlight On: Hairwork Necklace and Locket

This mourning locket and chain are an excellent match, but are actually two separate pieces. The fittings only compliment the…

Symbolism 17.01.2006

Symbolism Meaning: Inscriptions

Symbolism Meaning: Animals Symbolism Meaning: Objects Symbolism Meaning: Plants Symbolism Meaning: Inscriptions Symbolism Meaning: Gemstones A listing of sentimental and…