Rings 04.01.2012
“my david” sentimental ring, 1860

“My David” Victorian Hairwork Band

A wonderful example of a 19th century, gold (tested) mourning ring with plaited hair band. The front of the ring…

Collecting 24.12.2011

Christmas Gifts

For January only, Mark and Lord Coconut along with your dearest Art of Mourning will be offering 10% off all…

Rings 12.12.2011

Broken Mourning Ring c.1815

For the collector, pieces that are substandard in their condition may still be collectable for their value as defying convention…

Rings 28.11.2011
9 July 1810 mouring ring 	J Brougham

Stages of Mourning in Early 19th Century Rings

One of the more fascinating aspects of ring design and motifs in the early 19th century is the increased use…

Rings 21.11.2011

Ring Design in the Early 19th Century: Open Shank

Experimentation of styles at the end of the Neoclassical movement created some unusual and quite beautiful forms of mainstream design…

Rings 14.11.2011
Rose and Yellow Gold 'Cigar Band' Ring / 1810

Rose and Yellow Gold ‘Cigar Band’ Ring / 1810

While we’re working behind the scenes rebuilding Art of Mourning, let’s reflect on this magnificent tale from the crypt: Rose…

Bracelets 09.11.2011

In a 1789 Bracelet, Affection Weeps, Heaven Rejoices

Pearls and hairwork are often two of the most common materials used in stringing a bracelet  from the neoclassical era,…

Miniatures 21.09.2011
Neoclassical Miniature

Spotlight On: Mourning Miniature

Examples such as the one above, provide a rich palette for memorial symbolism and the skill of art itself. Allegory…

Rings 19.09.2011

19th Century Aesthetics… Today! In A Very Lovely Garnet Ring

The aesthetic movement helped carry through a consistency of latter 19th century jewellery, this and high levels of production. It…

Hairwork 09.09.2011

Mystery Solved: Identity Discovered Behind Ship Ring

For those of you who are new here, or who are not familiar with the wonderfully informative article that Hayden…

Lockets 27.06.2011
Four Treasure Sentimental Locket 1830

Four Treasures Within a Locket

I love lockets, next to rings, they’re one of the most popular items of mourning/sentimental jewellery. Why is this so?…

Rings 03.06.2011
Amethyst Ring Mary Wooley OB: 8 April 1765 AE: 64

The Diamonds, Amythest and Colours of Mary Wooley OB: 8 April 1765 AE: 64 in a Ring

My dear jewellery historians, what is it that strikes you about this ring on first appearance? Look at it carefully…

Collecting 22.04.2011

Hold the Shank, Redux

One of the easiest ways to spot the age of a ring is from the shank. Don’t believe me? Well,…

Art 08.09.2010

Queen Victoria Funeral Programme

Continuing on our little discovery of ephemera and funeralia, let’s focus on another wonderful piece from Queen Victoria’s passing… For…

Rings 03.09.2010
Pearl Forget Me Not Ring 1862

Mid 19th Century Elegance: Forget-Me-Not Ring

Year: July 1862 Dedication: G.H (age 63) The period of 1850 to 1870 saw a very common habit of the…

Rings 23.07.2010
Rose and Yellow Gold 'Cigar Band' Ring / 1810

Rose and Yellow Gold ‘Cigar Band’ Ring / 1810

Rose and yellow gold with enamel. It appears the hair is laid on card with letters printed on it and…