Lockets 30.05.2016
Woven hair pendant, early 19th century

Hair Buckle / Garter Pendant

The simplicity and sentimentality of hairwork cannot be understated. It is a material that is intrinsic to only one individual…

Rings 29.07.2015
Micromosaic mourning ring, c.1800, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Cameo & Micromosaic Influences in Mourning Jewels

Culturally, the values of Europe differ across small geographic regions. Values in religion, politics, and language all have an impact on the styles of…

Is It, Or Isn't It? 20.11.2014
Skull Hairwork Ring Early 19th Century

A Mourning Tour: Anachronisms and a Mourning Ring

Anachronisms, or pieces from the times that don’t correlate to when they are meant to exist, are quite typical of…

Is It, Or Isn't It? 03.03.2014
Skull Hairwork Ring Early 19th Century

Anachronisms and a Mourning Ring

Anachronisms, or pieces from the times that don’t correlate to when they are meant to exist, are quite typical of…

Brooches 06.05.2013
foiled amethysts/paste 19th Century Brooch

Foiled by Amethysts/Pastes in a 19th Century Brooch

This wonderful brooch consists of yellow gold with foiled amethysts/pastes. There are elements to the brooch which show many influences…

Brooches 17.08.2012
Mourning, Mourning Brooch, Sentimental Brooch, 19th Century, Brooch, Hairwork, Glass, Black Enamel, Victorian

Damage in a Late 19th Century Brooch

Damage is such a common theme with jewels from the 1850s onwards that we have to discuss it. More so…

Brooches 15.08.2012
Mid-19th Century Brooch Mourning

Empire Style Takes Control in this Victorian Brooch

Bolder style was in its element during the 1860s. This can be attributed to the mourning of Queen Victoria from…

Brooches 14.08.2012

Mother/Daughter Brooch From 1860

Often a piece comes along that you feel in your heart is special and was kept untouched and loved for…

Brooches 13.08.2012
1854 American 19th Century Brooch Mourning

Philadelphia Mourning Brooch, c.1850

There is a unique simplicity to sentimental jewels with hairwork which is reflected in the design, and this particular brooch…

Brooches 10.08.2012
Hand Flower 19th Century Brooch

Holding on to a 19th Century Brooch

The floral motif that is so prevalent on this jewel is very important to factor in its age, particularly when…

Brooches 08.08.2012
1846 Black Enamel Mourning Brooch

Simplification of Gothic Revival Design in a Brooch

The 1840s saw a period of jewellery design standardisation, mostly due to the Gothic Revival period entering the mainstream of…

Brooches 06.08.2012

Gothic Revival and Its Influence in a Brooch

By the 1830s, styles became grander, with machine working on gold lockets. Lower grade alloys and pinchbeck became more of…

Brooches 01.08.2012
Bow 19th Century Brooch

Love Wrapped in a Bow: Pearl Brooch

The bow is a symbol of love and eternity that resonates through many different forms of wearable jewellery (which particularly…

Brooches 30.07.2012
Mourning, Mourning Brooch, Sentimental Brooch, 19th Century, Brooch, Hairwork, Glass, Black Enamel, White Enamel, Research

Researching a Black and White Enamel 19th Century Brooch

The style of this brooch shows a clear continuity from the late 18th Century and also outlines the changes of…

Rings 30.05.2012
Smith 18th Century Mourning Ring

Late 18th Century Oval Hairwork Mourning Ring

I find that the simplest of mourning jewels are the ones with the biggest tales to tell. There is much…

Rings 21.05.2012
Eye Portrait Miniature Ring Georgian

Miniature Georgian Eye Portrait Ring

Eye portraits are rare and highly sought after, but there is variation between them. In the portrait shown, the setting…

Rings 25.01.2012
1880 Locket Ring

Anna Schrarn, 1881 Locket Ring

As seen in the ‘Discovering a 19th Century Swivel Ring’ piece, this ring shares remarkably the same style in terms…

Rings 23.01.2012
Swivel Ring, Victorian, Hairwork

Discovering a 19th Century Swivel Ring

Originally, this ring had a bloodstone intaglio, which has since been replaced, but this swivel ring is a refined piece…

Rings 09.01.2012
Blue Enamel Late Victorian Family Mourning Ring

Blue Enamel and Diamond Family Mourning Ring, Late 19thC

It is quite an unusual and remarkable thing when a mourning or sentimental jewel takes on the properties of an…

Rings 06.01.2012
Forget-me-not heart mourning ring

1862 Pearl Forget-Me-Not Ring

This particular ring tells a tale that exemplifies the Victorian Era. It shows the different facets of society that relate…

Rings 04.01.2012
“my david” sentimental ring, 1860

“My David” Victorian Hairwork Band

A wonderful example of a 19th century, gold (tested) mourning ring with plaited hair band. The front of the ring…

Rings 02.01.2012
1853 Many Anne Lewis Mourning Ring

M.A Lewis Mourning Ring, 1852

An ideal piece for the middle of the 19th Century; this ring encapsulates all of the design motifs popular with…

Rings 01.01.2012

Intaglio Signet Mourning Ring

Intaglios set in rings are more popular with the male side of society and can range from family crests and…

Rings 28.12.2011
Forget-me-not diamond heart mourning ring

Alexander Schevn, Heart, Diamond, Forget-Me-Not Mourning Ring

Another example of the 19th Century Rococo Revival in jewellery. Other examples can be seen in the Necklaces and Chains…

Rings 26.12.2011

Faith, Hope and Charity Ring

Did you get anything wonderful for Christmas? Please share your treasure with the rest of the Mourners at the Art…

Rings 23.12.2011

James Ceirvette Mourning Ring, c.1837

A very charming piece, notice the transition to the larger use of materials from the earlier pieces. This shows the…

Rings 21.12.2011
William Nethersole Mourning Ring, c.1834

William Nethersole Mourning Ring, c.1834

There’s a refinement in style during the 1830s-50s which took the established Gothic Revival and manipulated into pre-existing styles or…

Rings 16.12.2011

Round Mourning Ring, c.1800-1820

The circular face for the hair memento in this piece with the pearl surrounds is more common of the turn…

Lockets 10.10.2011
Hon Alice Nugent in a 1730 Mourning Locket

Eternity in a Twist: The Hon Alice Nugent in a 1730 Mourning Locket and the Hairwork Eternity

When presented with a beautiful piece like this, one can’t help but emote. There are so many reasons why this…

Accessories 15.09.2011
Duke of Wellington Mourning Cameo

The Iron Duke in a Black Glass Cameo

In much the same way as this commemorative medallion for Princess Charlotte of Wales, this exceptional cameo souvenir resonates with…