Accessories 21.04.2016
Tiepin with a miniature of a lady's eye, 1900-10

Miniature Eye Tie Pin

Reverence for history and a passion to relive it are facets to the fascination of a collector. Because we love…

Lockets 23.01.2013
Georgian Eye Miniature Pendant

Georgian Eye Miniature Inside a Pendant, c.1820

For those who haven’t discovered the unique movement of eye portraits, the following tale is essential: Eye portraits are considered…

Brooches 20.07.2012
Curl Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Round Eye Miniature Eye Portrait Brooch

Direct attention is paid to the eye in this particular brooch; detail that is flanked by its art and directly…

Brooches 18.07.2012
Coral Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

A Coral Georgian Eye Brooch

One of the more unique aspects of this particular brooch (above its coral border) is the portrait of the eye…

Brooches 16.07.2012
Serpent Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Serpent, Eye Portrait Brooch, Early 19th Century

Eye miniatures are one of the more unusual trends to emerge during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. Often…

Rings 21.05.2012
Eye Portrait Miniature Ring Georgian

Miniature Georgian Eye Portrait Ring

Eye portraits are rare and highly sought after, but there is variation between them. In the portrait shown, the setting…

Bracelets 21.09.2010
Eye MIniature Portrait Bracelet Georgian

‘Though Lost to Sight, To Memory Ever Dear’ Miniature Eye Portrait Bracelet

I’ve written quite a bit about eye miniatures and their use in mourning and sentimental jewellery. These are one of…