Rings 01.12.2014
forget-me-not ring, sentimental, blue enamel, cobalt, diamond, rose

Love, Flowers and Diamonds Create a Perfect Ring

Floral motifs in the late 18th century mark a change in symbolic and mourning practice. Even more than just for…

Art 16.06.2014
French Hair Mourning Art from the 19th Century

French Hair Art & The Industry of Mourning

“Hair is at once the most delicate and lasting of our materials and survives us like love. It is so…

Brooches 13.01.2014
Blue Enamel Eternity Hair Twist Diamond Diasy Neoclassical Brooch

‘EH’ Hair, Enamel, Diamond, Eternal Love Brooch

There are two sides to every sentimental jewel; one is in how personal it is and the other is in…

Lockets 08.02.2013
Gothic Revival Locket Diamond Forget Me Not

Gothic Revival Meets Rococo Revival in this Stunning Locket, 1834

By 1834, all the elements of the Gothic Revival had entered mainstream fashion and was directly responsible for jewels like…

Lockets 24.12.2012
Georgian Heart Emerald Flower Pendant 18th Century

Embellished Georgian Heart Love Pendant

Over the course of the following articles: > An Eternity Knot in a Crystal Heart Pendant > Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart > 18th…

Bracelets 15.10.2012
Pressed Horn Bracelet

Pressed Horn Forget-Me-Not Bracelet

This pressed horn example is surrounded by the forget-me-not pattern, and is showing signs of discolouration and chipping. The forget-me-nots…

Rings 18.05.2012
The Forget Me Not Blue Enamel Diamond Ring Navette

Diamond Navette Ring, Late 18th Century

The combination of blue enamel and diamonds aren’t a coincidence, there are intrinsic links in their symbolism and meaning that…

Rings 20.01.2012
Forget me not Victorian ring australia melbourne

Australian Sentimental Forget-Me-Not 19th Century Ring

From Melbourne Australia and dating to around 1880, this ring benefited from the booming gold rush, as can be felt…

Rings 11.01.2012

Mourning Cameo Onyx Ring, Late Victorian

Mourning cameos have been set in jewellery from the mid 18th Century as popular items. Different materials have been used,…

Rings 06.01.2012
Forget-me-not heart mourning ring

1862 Pearl Forget-Me-Not Ring

This particular ring tells a tale that exemplifies the Victorian Era. It shows the different facets of society that relate…

Rings 28.12.2011
Forget-me-not diamond heart mourning ring

Alexander Schevn, Heart, Diamond, Forget-Me-Not Mourning Ring

Another example of the 19th Century Rococo Revival in jewellery. Other examples can be seen in the Necklaces and Chains…

Rings 19.09.2011

19th Century Aesthetics… Today! In A Very Lovely Garnet Ring

The aesthetic movement helped carry through a consistency of latter 19th century jewellery, this and high levels of production. It…

Symbolism 27.03.2011
forget me not 20th century

Symbolism Sunday, The Forget-Me-Not

I’m about to travel around the world for several weeks, so here’s an appropriate symbol to carry us through; the…

Rings 03.09.2010
Pearl Forget Me Not Ring 1862

Mid 19th Century Elegance: Forget-Me-Not Ring

Year: July 1862 Dedication: G.H (age 63) The period of 1850 to 1870 saw a very common habit of the…