Miniatures 04.07.2016
Mourning miniature for a child.

A Boy’s Mourning Miniture

The 1800-1820 period in mourning jewels solidified their necessity and identity within social status and culture. The British, French and…

Brooches 13.01.2014
Blue Enamel Eternity Hair Twist Diamond Diasy Neoclassical Brooch

‘EH’ Hair, Enamel, Diamond, Eternal Love Brooch

There are two sides to every sentimental jewel; one is in how personal it is and the other is in…

Brooches 10.08.2012
Hand Flower 19th Century Brooch

Holding on to a 19th Century Brooch

The floral motif that is so prevalent on this jewel is very important to factor in its age, particularly when…

Rings 18.05.2012
The Forget Me Not Blue Enamel Diamond Ring Navette

Diamond Navette Ring, Late 18th Century

The combination of blue enamel and diamonds aren’t a coincidence, there are intrinsic links in their symbolism and meaning that…