Lockets 08.03.2013
Neoclassical Revival Pendant, 1920

Neoclassical Influences on Later Jewellery

With the high level of accessible and affordable travel in the early 20th century, there was a rise in sentimental…

Is It, Or Isn't It? 14.03.2012
fake shank and shoulders

Spotting Conversions and Changes in Early Rings

Jewellery is often altered, be it to turn an unfashionable item of its time, such as a slide or brooch,…

Collecting 03.03.2011
1846 Mourning Brooch with Broken Glass

To Replace or Not to Replace (Glass)

Often when discovering a new piece, one can be swayed with the eternal question of price vs quality. Let’s take…

Collecting 24.12.2010
Replacement Glass on Neoclassical Mourning Ring

Giving Your Jewellery a Reality Check (Basic Scrutiny)

You may not believe it, but if you’ve paid a very high premium from a distinguished and respected dealer, you…

Other 18.06.2010

Faux Friday: Symbolism & Contemporary Pieces

Contemporary Piece Matching Always match a piece that you are looking at to another. Be it from books, a collection,…

Other 11.06.2010

Faux Friday: Plastic, Odd Materials and Repairs

Use of plastic or materials that are not developed in the contemporary time frame of a piece are obvious things…

Other 04.06.2010
Hallmarked Chester 1913

Faux Friday: Hallmarks

Hallmarking is the best standard to identify a piece, but unfortunately (although mostly illegal), jewellers are known to falsely stamp…

Other 28.05.2010

Faux Friday: Gold Content

Gold and silver were marked with the same standard until 1798, when the introduction of 18 carat gold required standard…

Other 21.05.2010
Late 17th Century Memento Mori Ring

Faux Friday: The Tell-Tale Signs

There are many tell-tale signs of a forgery. By “forgery”, I mean a piece that was constructed in order to…

Art 14.05.2010

Faux Friday: Conflicting Styles

If a piece has conflicting styles, such as an enamelled skull with an art deco shank or if a piece…

Art 07.05.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 6

Marriages provide the most common identification problems with jewellery. Many 16th and 17th century pieces were added to with 19th…

Art 30.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 5

Were there complete 19th century reproductions of 16th-18th century pieces? Of course, the development of the exact forgery is not…

Art 23.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 4

The 19th century was the most retroactive culture where memorial and sentimental symbolism was concerned. There were revivals of memento-mori…

Art 16.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 3

Part 3 of Faux Friday takes a quick look at the Victorian revival periods and why it’s important to understand…

Art 09.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 2

The more prominent the art style and its effect on jewellery, the more simple it is to evaluate. However, Baroque-…

Art 02.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 1

The different styles of jewellery, be they Baroque, Gothic, Rococo or Neo-Classical, all experienced periods of revival after they were…