Rings 11.03.2013
Neoclassical Hair Urn Ring

A Pearl and Hairwork Neoclassical Ring

The early 19th century was greatly influenced by George IV, from his excess to his investment in the arts. This…

Bracelets 07.09.2012
Stuart Crystal, Sentimental, Mourning, Bracelet, Gold Cypher, Cipher, 17th Century

Early Modern Memorial and Sentimental Bracelets

Due to their size and function, sentimental and memorial bracelets have varied in degrees of popularity over time. Unlike more…

Brooches 20.06.2012
Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Adapting Style in the 18th Century / Stuart Crystal Brooch

Use of the monogram cipher is a very important to note when considering the social change and the purpose of…

Brooches 18.06.2012
Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Angelic Skeletons in A Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Extraordinary is the only way to consider the symbolism used in this piece. From a modern perspective, it may be…

Brooches 15.06.2012
Queen Mary II Ribbon Slide

Queen Mary II Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

The above example, courtesy of Barbara Robbins, is a superb example of a mourning slide for Queen Mary II. Further…

Brooches 13.06.2012
Stuart Crystal, Ribbon Slide, 17th Century, Hairwork, Gold Wire Cypher, Cipher, Memento Mori, Skeleton, Hourglass

Memento Mori in a Ribbon Slide, Scythe, Hourglass and Skeleton Within!

The late 1600s were not only the time of the English Restoration, but the establishment of many industries that still…

Brooches 11.06.2012
Stuart Crystal, Ribbon Slide, 17th Century, Hairwork, Gold Wire Cypher, Cipher, Heart, Hands

A Heart Shaped Ribbon Slide, 1687

Hairwork and how it was placed inside a ribbon slide is a very important factor in the reason for a…

Brooches 15.06.2011
1697 Ribbon Slide

Skull and Hairwork in a 1697 Stuart Crystal Ribbon Slide

Circular / oval styles became more common in slides during the late 17th Century and into the early 18th Century….