Lockets 30.05.2016
Woven hair pendant, early 19th century

Hair Buckle / Garter Pendant

The simplicity and sentimentality of hairwork cannot be understated. It is a material that is intrinsic to only one individual…

Lockets 20.02.2013
Locket Miniature Black Enamel

Miniatures, Lockets and The Rise of Photography

Since the 1840s, photography had changed the landscape of sentimental jewels. Many factors contributed to this, involving improvements in technology…

Accessories 05.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Enamel

Art of Hairwork 5: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Black Enamel Fittings

Symbolism in watch chains and their fittings are primarily the key identifier when it comes to many of the surviving…

Rings 10.02.2012
1891 Pearl Hairwork Enamel Band

1891 Hairwork / Black Enamel Band with a Pearl and Buckle

Hair bands, with the central groove, had the hair glued woven and glued into the ring, making them more wearable…

Rings 30.01.2012
Blond Hairwork Buckle Band 1881

1881 Blonde Hairwork Buckle Band

This hair band in the form of a buckle houses blonde hair. It is a very fine piece, but the…

Symbolism 20.03.2011
The Belt / Buckle / Garter in Jewellery History

Symbolism Sunday; The Belt / Buckle / Garter

Often a symbol can be so ubiquitous that it disappears from sight. It’s commonly used, often present with other symbols…

Symbolism 13.03.2011
Broom locket symbolism jewellery

Symbolism Sunday, The Upside-Down Torch

Let’s light the way this Sunday with one of the more unfortunate symbols in jewellery history, a symbol that would…

Rings 06.08.2010
Late 19th Century Ring

The Late 19th Century and Mourning Buckle Rings

The late 19th century created a period of mourning fashion that was reaching a peak and hard decline. Over the…