Rings 24.03.2014
Green Enamel Mourning Ring 1803

1803 Green Enamel Mourning Ring: Part 1

Enamel is the primary identifier for mourning and sentimental jewels, with colour being the most iconic and simplistic way to…

Rings 06.01.2014
Diamond Urn Early 19th Century

Mary Viscountess of Andover Diamond Urn Ring, 1803

Born in 1717, Lady Mary Finch was the daughter of Heneage Finch, 2nd Earl of Aylesford and Mary Fisher. She…

Rings 10.06.2011
Diamond Urn Mourning Ring Blue Enamel 1803 / Bought in London

Grand Tour 2011: Treasure from Abroad (Part 1)

After travelling the earth for several weeks, I’m back and ready to look exploring new areas of jewellery! But before…