Brooches 15.06.2011
1697 Ribbon Slide

Skull and Hairwork in a 1697 Stuart Crystal Ribbon Slide

Circular / oval styles became more common in slides during the late 17th Century and into the early 18th Century….

Collecting 09.03.2011

For Those Who Came In Late: Interview with Jewellery Historian and Creative Director, Hayden Peters

For those who visit this site and experience a new/different area of jewellery that is part of cultrual and social…

Rings 23.09.2010
Stuart Crystal 17th Century Ring Memento Mori

17th Century Crystal Memento Mori Ring: A Study

Rings of the late 17th century are the predecessors to many of the ring styles that followed through to the 19th century. They are also becoming harder and harder to find, as many were worn for their intent (as opposed to being hidden away as keepsakes) and they’ve survived many modern recessions that saw some beautiful pieces get broken down and melted for their gold.