Memories 13.05.2019
Art of Mourning Syon Park and Fellows Auctions mourning jewellery lecture, July 16 & 17, 2019

Syon Park & Fellows Auction Tour Tickets

Are you in Europe and want to come and see my new shows based on mourning and sentimental jewels? For…

Memories 23.04.2019
Hayden Peters - The Art of Mourning

ABC Interview

Hello, Dear Mourners I’ve been lucky enough to have a wonderful article written about me and also been interviewed on…

Rings 12.04.2019
Early 19th century ring, courtesy the Royal Collection: "A plain rose gold ring with square top set with panel of woven hair behind glass."

Ring Design in the Early 19th Century

It’s the strangest jewels that come from the highest provenance that provoke the most conversation. With better provenance, the better…

Rings 20.03.2019
Mourning ring dedicated to Rev John Wright OB 20 Feb 1715. Black enamel, amethyst.

Mourning Ring for Rev John Wright OB 20 Feb 1715

French influence in English jewels through the 17th and 18th centuries can’t be understated. Styles didn’t immediately appear overnight, they…

Rings 14.03.2019
Mourning ring with dedication; “Sacred to the memory of E.B & G.B” Reverse: “Reverend G. Bally Rector of Monxton O.B Jan 18 1779 A.E 59”.

Researching a Ring for Rev George Bally, 1779

Applying insights and research to an historical artefact bring it to life in a way that no basic observation could….

Rings 05.03.2019
'Nip'd in the bud', a mourning ring for Augusta Bruce, c.1780s. Wellcome collection at the Science Museum.

‘Nipt in the Bud’

A life cut short; ‘Nipt in the bud’. What was the symbolism of the rose?

Memories 24.02.2019

Mourning Jewel Lecture in London

Hello, Dear Mourners. Please enjoy my London talk, hosted by Fellows Auctions in Mayfair, London. Thank you for watching, Dear…

Rings 23.01.2019
Gold, enamel and hair mourning ring for Butterfield Harrison, England, 1792.

Death of Youth, A Life Cut Short

It has been said that living longer than your child is the worst fate of all. The concept of creating…

Rings 02.01.2019

George Washington Memorial Ring

George Washington’s (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) importance to the United States of America cannot be understated, as…

Symbolism 27.12.2018
Gold brooch in the form of a snake biting its tail set with pearls and gems with a 'regard' cannetille pendant: set with ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby and diamond. In the centre of the pendant is a glass-covered compartment containing hair. Image top left.

Colour Theory: Part 2

Continuing the look at the use of early late 18th – early 19th century colour use in fashion, art and…

Symbolism 18.12.2018
c.1800 red foil, hair and pearl brooch

Colour Theory: Part 1

Colour and theory is important to us today, with the view that colour and sentimentality were ingrained in the human…

Memories 09.12.2018
Mourning Jewellery Workshop at the Lord Coconut Gallery

Mourning World Tour and Events

Dear Mourners, Art of Mourning is touring the world, from Los Angeles, to San Francisco, then to Raleigh, North Carolina,…

Photography 31.10.2018
"The unusual example of the 'double portrait', housed in one case of the elderly woman alive and deceased makes a powerful comparative pairing. The subject's resting pose of her crossed hands in the life portrait is intentionally and aptly echoed in the post mortem image." - V&A Museum

Photography and Death

For those who may be sensitive, this article contains graphic content. Please be advised to click away now or please…

Memories 04.10.2018
Mourning ring for 'father', black enamel, pearl, hair. 1888.

Start Collecting

Jewellery prices are something not covered in Art of Mourning, however, the right to access these jewels and collect them…

Memories 30.09.2018
"IN MEMORY OF" Ring in black enamel. Victorian.

In Memory Of: The Importance of Fonts

The latest Art of Mourning Patreon deals with the importance of font design of ‘IN MEMORY OF’ jewellery in the…

Rings 27.09.2018
A tortoiseshell and rose gold mourning ring. Reeded tortoiseshell set with central gold band engraved with memorial inscription. In memory of Louis XVI.

Louis XVI Mourning Ring

Memorial jewels, particularly those created for national pride, are created during moments of widespread grief and intended to send a…

Rings 20.09.2018
A gold and black enamelled mourning ring. The rectangular top with brilliant-cut diamond rim with baron's coronet above T. Memorial inscription enamelled in gold on black around plain ring. In memory of Edward, Lord Thurlow.

Mourning Ring for Edward Thurlow, 1806

  Edward Thurlow, the 1st Baron Thurlow was born on the 9th of December, 1731 and passed away on the…

Memories 19.09.2018

Interview: Vintage Explorer

Vintage Explorer has posted a wonderful interview with myself about mourning jewels and collecting. Please find the link below: Vintage…

Memories 18.09.2018
A Bernhard & Co. Catalogue

Patreon: Catalogues

I’ve been answering jewellery and mourning related questions over at Patreon and I’m currently writing articles based on questions. My…

Art 16.08.2018
Sentimental hair artwork, mid 19th century.

Sentimental Hair Art

“Hair is at once the most delicate and lasting of our materials and survives us like love. It is so…

Bracelets 03.08.2018
Silver bracelet, 19th century

Fidelity, Dogs and Jewels

Fidelity is a concept that involves both parties in a relationship. A link between people is an element that becomes…

Memories 20.05.2018
Lord Hayden Peters / The Art of Mourning

Art of Mourning on RRR Radio

At 12pm (midday), on Monday the 21st of May, 2018, I will be appearing on RRR Radio’s (102.7FM for Australians)…

Memories 19.05.2018
Fidèle jusque a la Mort. Enamel Slide, 18th Century

Royal Wedding Special – “Faithful Until Death”

In memory of the Royal wedding between Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on Saturday 19 May,…

Memories 09.05.2018
Lord Hayden Peters / The Art of Mourning

Art of Mourning Airbnb Experience *Updated*

For the first time I’m going to be sharing my mourning jewellery and letting you get hands on with historical…

Brooches 27.02.2018
Ribbon slide with the dedication "Sr. E.H. Obit Dec(br)y 8 1700", showing memento mori skull and crossbones, hair, and gold wire.

Memento Mori Ribbon Slide, 1700

Our own personal histories define us. We are a series of experiences that have come together to create the individual…

Rings 24.11.2017
 White Enamel Mourning Ring for Wm Benham ob 30 Apr 1796 aet 23

White Enamel Mourning Ring for Wm Benham ob 30 Apr 1796 aet 23

When the young die, they leave behind a lasting imprint on the memory of a family. Their impact was felt…

Collecting 23.10.2017
The Memento Mori and Mourning Jewelry Collection of Irvin and Anita Schorsch, auctioned November 15, 2017

Auction: The Memento Mori and Mourning Jewelry Collection of Irvin and Anita Schorsch

It is with great pleasure to announce the auction of Irvin and Anita Schorsch’s mourning jewels in Freeman’s auction house…

Rings 15.10.2017
Mourning ring R:R:OB 28 May 1727 AE:23. White enamel, Rococo ribbon band, doves and Georgian heart.

Birds and Hearts: A Mourning Ring for R:R, 28 May 1727

On the surface, this ring shows the simple elements of the Rococo period, which evolved the straight-edged Baroque designs from…

Rings 17.09.2017
Mourning ring for sr, Oswald Mosley FE:1757 AE:52 with white enamel and amethyst.

A Mourning Ring for Oswald Mosley, 1757

A late Rococo, fleur-de-lis ring with a purple foil/paste set bezel and white enamel band featuring the name of Oswald…

Lockets 08.08.2017
Black Enamel Mourning Locket, c.1870s

‘Not Lost But Gone Before’ Mourning Lockets

To the Victorians, brand consistency was essential for the development of the British Empire. As with any culture that is…