Accessories 07.10.2012

Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre, Watch Fob


Sepia French Fob

Maureen DeLorme’s ‘Mourning Art and Jewelry’ has a fine description for this piece of page 106:

Sepia Watch Fob

“An extraordinary example of a husband’s memorial watch fob in memory of his wife. This fob is actually in the form of a “watch,” and is full of memorial symbolism. In the scene we see a severed weeping willow tree trunk with two branches growing from it, symbolizing that although the marital union has been broken in death, it still grows and lives eternally. This is literally true of the willow itself, which will grow from severed branches. Two birds overhead form a lover’s knot with a ribbon, also signifying marital union and love. The inscription reads “The further away the closer together,” typifying the romantic belief in love existing after death in the “life to come”. The fob swivels by pressing the nob at the top, and reverses to show the plaited hair of the man’s wife. 2.5”x1”

Sepia Watch Fob
Courtesy: Sarah Nehama
Country: France
Year: 1790
Dedication: “Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre” (the further apart, the tighter the bond)

Sepia Watch Fob