Brooches 25.06.2012

Love Unites Us in a Stunning Sepia Brooch

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Romantic

This sepia brooch exemplifies its style and setting in fashion, as often sepia miniatures are considered by many to be predominately for mourning use, but they were simply a fashionable item.

For a time when Romanticism was at the height of fashion, displaying token of affection upon the body was not only a necessity, but a matter of pride.

In this jewel, we have the quiver, the love birds and the plinth in a blossoming garden. With the narrower shape of the navette (typical of the mid 1780s) surtitled with ‘LOVE UNITES US’, all the symbols work in conjunction to make this a superb love token that would be given for its formal relationship statement.

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Romantic Birds

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Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Dedication: Love Unites Us