Symbolism 17.01.2006

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Symbolism Meaning: Inscriptions
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A listing of sentimental and memorial jewellery inscriptions:

  • Affection Weeps, Heaven Rejoices
  • All I refuse & thee I chuse
  • Angels Weep When Children Mourn
  • Belle d’Amour (love token)
  • Dearest (love token)
  • Discite Invitatium (memento mori) (separation of justice)
  • E n perdant j’ai gagne (I’m losing I have gained)
  • Et in Arcadia Ego
  • Fidelity
  • For Us They Sicken, and For Us They die
  • Gone but not Forgotten
  • Gone Hence But Not Forgot
  • Gone to Bliss
  • Heaven Has in Store What Thou Hast Lost
  • He Sleeps in Jesus
  • Hearts United Live Contented
  • Hope of Eternal Life
  • I Mourn Her Loss
  • In Death Lamented, In Life Beloved
  • In Memoriam
  • In Memory Of
  • In Memory of the Departed
  • In Remembrance Of
  • In Spite of Envy
  • In Silent Sorrow o’er Thy Tomb I’ll Mourn
  • La Verite me Dirge (The Truth is my Guide)
  • Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre (The further the distance the tighter the knot)
  • Let’s Live and Die In Unity
  • Memorial of Faithful Services
  • Memento Mori
  • My Beloved Child
  • Nypt in the Bud
  • Not Lost but Gone Before
  • Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear
  • Prepared be to follow me
  • Quand vou verrez cici souvenez vous de moi (Have this to remember me by)
  • Reading From the Book of Life
  • Regard (love token)
  • Remember Me (Unverg Mich)
  • Remember Thy Friend
  • Resurgam (Resurrection)
  • Rest in Peace
  • Sacred Will I Keep Thy Dear Remains
  • Sacred to Friendship
  • Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me
  • Tho Lost to Sight in Memory Dear
  • The Shepherdess
  • The Truth is my Guide
  • The Vacant Seat
  • There’s Rest in Heaven
  • Their Union Makes My Happiness
  • Though Lost to Sight, To Memory Dear
  • To Bliss
  • Tors Distunxit Amicitiamanet (Love Survives With Death Divides)
  • Virtue Lives Beyond The Grave
  • Weep Not
  • Weep Not For Me
  • Weep Not: It Falls to Rise Again
  • What Will You Do?
  • What Thou Has Lost, Heaven Has in Store