Rings 18.10.2010
Anachronistic 1780 Memento Mori Neoclassical Ring

Memento Mori in Jewellery: Anachronistic 1780s White Enamel Ring Where Memento Mori Meets Neoclassicism

Continuing our look at memento mori in jewellery through the ages comes this stunning piece from the collection of Marielle Soni. This particular piece jumps ahead of our previous example from c.1680 and we go directly to 1780, in future articles, I will fill out the 1720s-1760s, so you can all see how the memento mori symbols were used in their context.

Rings 09.08.2010
1820 Brotherly Love Ring / Purple and White Enamel

1820 Brotherly Love Ring / Blue and White Enamel

Dedications in memorial and sentimental jewellery usually begin with the love for a husband or wife, then the parents, then…

Rings 16.07.2010
Sepia Ring

Sarah Jervis White Enamel and Sepia Mourning Ring, 1777

If you know me, you know I like my white enamel pieces, often because of their immediate sentimentality and their…

Collecting 11.04.2010


If black enamel means death, white enamel means purity and virginity and blue enamel means that the loved one was…

Rings 08.03.2010

George Washington Memorial Ring, A Reflection

George Washington was a unique individual. It’s redundant to speak about his importance to United States history and rather than…