Lockets 25.02.2013
Jet Pearl Locket

Late Victorian Pearl Cross/Sheaf Locket

Vulcanite, Jet and the materials to represent the same styles are many of the most misinterpreted in mourning and sentimental…

Bracelets 29.04.2012
Vulcanite Bracelet

Vulcanite Bracelet

The vulcanite bracelet has the same motif as the one above it, but has faded over time. The remarkable feature…

Rings 18.01.2012
Mother of Pearl Mourning Ring, Vulcanite

Mother of Pearl Ring, Late 19th Century

Inlaid with mother of pearl, this ring with the initials JB is another odd piece for a time when much…

Accessories 12.08.2011

Six Degrees of Thorvaldsen: The Figure of Night

In my cabinet there lies a vulcanite brooch I purchased from an antique store in Melbourne. It appealed to me…

Art 08.02.2011


Vulcanite was patented in 1846 by Goodyear (the same tyre manufacturer of today), as the patent specified a manner of…

Bracelets 26.11.2010

Live Long and Prosper: Late 19th Century Vulcanite Bracelet

Though considered by some to be an inferior imitation of Jet, Vulcanite is a wonderful and beautiful material, primarily due…