Symbolism 07.09.2011

Know Your Trees: Symbolism, The Cypress

Following on from last week’s revisiting of the property of a lady, let’s look again at the symbolism of the…

Symbolism 22.05.2011

Symbolism Sunday Memorial

A list of articles based around popular Neoclassical symbols and motifs: Previously on Symbolism Sunday: The Lamb Mizpah The Maltese…

Symbolism 15.05.2011
lamb in mourning jewellery symbolism

Symbolism Sunday, The Lamb

Sunday is the perfect day for sharing your table with your family and friends. You can break bread, drink wine…

Symbolism 08.05.2011
Mizpah Ring

Symbolism Sunday, Mizpah

Let’s get all along the watchtower for today’s Symbolism Sunday! It does indeed look like such a lovely day outside,…

Symbolism 01.05.2011
Maltese Cross Fob

Symbolism Sunday, The Maltese Cross / Cross Formée

It’s that time of the week again and we’re going to cross our symbols a little. Normally, this wouldn’t be…

Symbolism 24.04.2011
Rose Brooch 1890

Symbolism Sunday, The Rose

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses with today’s Symbolism Sunday! Before we begin, just let me tell…

Symbolism 17.04.2011
Greek Key Brooch Victorian

Symbolism Sunday, The Greek Keys

Good morning, jewellery historians! It’s time to unlock your doors, welcome in that fresh sea breeze and start preparing a…

Symbolism 10.04.2011
Urn in jewelery

Symbolism Sunday, The Urn

Here’s a surprising one for a Sunday morning! Why so surprising? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d already written…

Symbolism 27.03.2011
forget me not 20th century

Symbolism Sunday, The Forget-Me-Not

I’m about to travel around the world for several weeks, so here’s an appropriate symbol to carry us through; the…

Symbolism 20.03.2011
The Belt / Buckle / Garter in Jewellery History

Symbolism Sunday; The Belt / Buckle / Garter

Often a symbol can be so ubiquitous that it disappears from sight. It’s commonly used, often present with other symbols…

Symbolism 13.03.2011
Broom locket symbolism jewellery

Symbolism Sunday, The Upside-Down Torch

Let’s light the way this Sunday with one of the more unfortunate symbols in jewellery history, a symbol that would…

Symbolism 27.02.2011

Symbolism Sunday, Wheat

It’s another Sunday and you’re no doubt very hungry this morning for a good brunch, so to get you in…

Symbolism 20.02.2011
Symbolism Sunday - Pine Stick Pin

Symbolism Sunday, Pine

  Yes, it’s another Sunday and yes, this is a blog predominantly about mourning jewellery and right now, I’m pining…

Symbolism 13.02.2011

Symbolism Sunday, Ivy

The evergreen ivy crawls and creeps towards the sky, forming a union with whatever it may be clinging to, making…

Symbolism 06.02.2011

Symbolism Sunday, The Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens, or the ‘Graveyard Cypress’ is one of the oldest classical mourning symbols used in Western and Eastern societies…

Symbolism 30.01.2011
Neoclassical Brooch Lantern

Symbolism Sunday, The Lantern

Let’s light the way towards the new week with this illuminating look at the lantern (excuse the puns, I know it’s a Sunday morning and that’s no excuse at all).

Symbolism 23.01.2011
Elephant in Neoclassical Jewellery

Symbolism Sunday, The Elephant

They say that an elephant never forgets and in this case, if you remember last week’s Pelican symbol, you know…

Symbolism 16.01.2011
Pelican and Elephant 18th Century Sepia Brooch

Symbolism Sunday, The Pelican

Here’s one I doubt you ever thought you’d be reading about on this particular website! The pelican isn’t a symbol…

Symbolism 09.01.2011
Arrow and Quiver in Sentimental Pendant 18th Century

Symbolism Sunday, The Arrow and Quiver

It’s often the symbols which resonate with us today that mean the most; the symbols which we intrinsically understand for…

Symbolism 02.01.2011
Further Pendant Knot Symbolism

Symbolism Sunday, The Knot

The further the distance, the tighter the knot. That’s the sentiment of the above piece and the subject for our…

Symbolism 26.12.2010

Symbolism Sunday: The Grape

It’s the day after Jesus’ birthday, so let’s look at a symbol that represents the man himself. Being a website…

Symbolism 19.12.2010
Daisy Nouveau Locket

Symbolism Sunday: The Daisy

The daisy is one of those symbols used quite liberally in jewellery. It’s dainty, pure and quite pretty as a…

Symbolism 12.12.2010
Oak Locket

Symbolism Sunday: The Oak

Associated with such superlatives as hospitality, stability, strength, honour, eternity, endurance and liberty, it’s not hard to see why the…

Symbolism 05.12.2010

Symbolism Sunday: The Acanthus

Whether you like it or not, there’s a very good chance that you and your ancestors have interacted with the…

Symbolism 28.11.2010
1680 Slide with Memento Mori Symbolism

Symbolism Sunday: Revisiting The Trumpet

I know I covered this one briefly last month, but last week we looked at the harp in symbolism, so…

Symbolism 21.11.2010
1881 Hard Locket

Symbolism Sunday: The Harp

It’s such a lovely Sunday, that I thought I’d bring down the mood a bit and talk about death. Surprised,…

Symbolism 14.11.2010
The Drapery in Neoclassical Art

Symbolism Sunday: Drapery

This one is cheating a little, but it is a Sunday and you should be relaxing or collecting on a…

Collecting 07.11.2010
Symbol of the Acorn in Jewellery

Symbolism Sunday: The Acorn

Great oaks from little acorns grow, and with that sentiment in mind, we look at this unassuming, yet very popular…

Symbolism 31.10.2010

Symbolism Sunday, The Trumpet

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, let’s get started. Oh, it’s Halloween? And I’m running a blog about educating you about death yet…

Symbolism 24.10.2010

Symbolism Sunday, The Male

Ahh, last week we had a look at women, but I’m fair and balanced, so let’s take a peek at…