Miniatures 22.12.2016
A gold mourning ring chased with diaper pattern. The circular top set with cornelian rim, encircling crystal with hair. Provenance Bequeathed to Princess Elizabeth by her sister Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester; on her own death in 1844.

Jewels for Princess Elizabeth Caroline, died 1759

Giving a gift of hair is an important factor in tokens of love and affection. An art that is not…

Lockets 04.01.2013
Child Miniature Locket

A Child Miniature Portrait Locket Raises Questions…

Miniature portraits and those that are installed in jewels have different meanings in their construction. On one, the miniature needs…

Miniatures 21.11.2012
Grisaille Miniature Portrait

Grisaille Miniature Portrait

  The portrait miniature served as one of the most perfect portable tokens of love and affection for as long…

Bracelets 21.09.2010
Eye MIniature Portrait Bracelet Georgian

‘Though Lost to Sight, To Memory Ever Dear’ Miniature Eye Portrait Bracelet

I’ve written quite a bit about eye miniatures and their use in mourning and sentimental jewellery. These are one of…

Lockets 17.09.2010
Charles I Miniature Pendant with Pearl

Charles I Royalist Pendant with Enamel and Pearl with Discussion

I don’t think there’s enough that I can say about these Charles I pieces. To me, they represent the inception of an industry that certainly was on the verge of being one of the most culturally important movements in modern history, due to its cross-cultural pervasiveness and obvious necessity. Yes, I’m talking about the industry of mourning.

Funeralia 07.07.2010
Hairwork Frame and Miniature Portrait 18th Century

Spotlight On: 18th Century Portrait and Hairwork Frame

Hairwork memorials can come in many different forms, sometimes as mourning pieces and sometimes as love tokens. This, dating from…

Funeralia 23.05.2010

Spotlight On: Charlotte Portrait

The only child of George IV and the potential queen of the United Kingdom, Princess Charlotte’s death (during childbirth) holds…

Rings 08.03.2010

George Washington Memorial Ring, A Reflection

George Washington was a unique individual. It’s redundant to speak about his importance to United States history and rather than…