Miniatures 19.11.2012
Neoclassical, Miniature, Georgian, 18th Century, Woman, Symbolism,

Idyllic Sentimental Neoclassical Miniature

Here, we have a radiance of symbolism, infused into the Neoclassical miniature; a confluence of symbolism that is encapsulated within…

Miniatures 12.11.2012
Sentimental Romantic Miniature

Romantic Sentimental Miniature

At the height of the neoclassical movement, symbolism became the most popular form of sentimental communication, making the true definition…

Miniatures 07.11.2012
Don Shelton Mourning Miniature

Willow, Woman, Plinth and Urn is Miniature Perfection

Combining the elements of the willow, woman, plinth and urn are not uncommon in mourning jewellery, however, this piece also…

Miniatures 05.11.2012
Sepia Miniature

Tho Lost to Sight, To Memory Dear Miniature

Quite often, I write about the standardisation in mourning and sentimental Neoclassical depictions. These standardisations manifest themselves in the most…

Bracelets 21.09.2012
Seed Pearl Hairwork Bracelet and Necklace

Delicate Seed Pearl Bracelet and Necklace

If ever there was a set dedicated to the glorification of pearls, these would be it. The seed pearls combined…

Bracelets 19.09.2012
In Spite of Envy Neoclassical Sepia Bracelet

In Spite of Envy, The Ideal Neoclassical Bracelet

Perhaps one of the most beautiful sentimental pieces ever conceived, this bracelet clasp is rich is affectionate symbolism and stunningly…

Bracelets 17.09.2012

To Bliss, A Sepia Mourning Bracelet Clasp

Pearls and hairwork are often two of the most common materials used in stringing a bracelet  from the neoclassical era,…

Bracelets 14.09.2012
Peacock, Lamb, Dove, Neoclassical Sepia Bracelet

Neoclassical Symbolism in Two Bracelet Clasps

Symbolism in Neoclassical jewels were necessary; they reflected the status, wealth and humanistic approach to life of the late 18th…

Bracelets 12.09.2012
Angel Neoclassical Sepia Bracelet

Weeping Angel Neoclassical Bracelet

“Angels Weep When Children Mourn” is one of the more unique statements that you may find on a Neoclassical jewel,…

Bracelets 10.09.2012
Neoclassical, Bracelet, Hairwork, Table Worked, Pearl, Georgian, 18th Century

Neoclassical Influence in Bracelets

Popularity of the bracelet worked well with the neoclassical movement of the latter 18th Century. The size, and reliance on…

Brooches 25.07.2012
Neillo 19th Century Brooch

Niello Brooch, 1819

This Niello brooch is very typical of the Regency period, but the style only lasted for a short time. Other…

Brooches 23.07.2012
Crescent 19th Century Brooch

Early 19th Century Crescent Brooch

Unusual shapes are often one of the most important things to look out for when collecting. The first quarter of…

Brooches 20.07.2012
Curl Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Round Eye Miniature Eye Portrait Brooch

Direct attention is paid to the eye in this particular brooch; detail that is flanked by its art and directly…

Brooches 18.07.2012
Coral Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

A Coral Georgian Eye Brooch

One of the more unique aspects of this particular brooch (above its coral border) is the portrait of the eye…

Brooches 16.07.2012
Serpent Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Serpent, Eye Portrait Brooch, Early 19th Century

Eye miniatures are one of the more unusual trends to emerge during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. Often…

Brooches 11.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Sentimental Lantern

A Lantern Lights the Way / Neoclassical Sepia Brooch

This particular brooch is a fine example of late 18th century jewellery, in its construction and symbolism. The paste surround…

Brooches 06.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Mourning Not Lost But Gone Before

Neoclassical Sepia Mourning Brooch: Not Lost But Gone Before

There is a lot of elegant and unique detail in this wonderful brooch, much of its representation is quite simple…

Brooches 04.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Initials

JJ, A Sepia Neoclassical Brooch

This remarkable brooch shares many popular characteristics of its time and creates a statement for itself in contemporary fashion. Symbolically,…

Brooches 02.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Faith Hope Charity

Sarah Honlett, Age 14 Moves ‘Toward the Heavens’ in this Neoclassical Brooch

Faith, hope and charity are of the most typical symbols during the 19th century; their nondescript sentimentality and adherence to…

Brooches 29.06.2012
Not Lost But Gone Before Bracelet Clasp

‘Not Lost But Gone Before’ Sepia / Neoclassical Ideal

Two of the greatest art styles to affect mourning and sentimental jewellery are neoclassicism and romanticism, looking back to classical…

Brooches 27.06.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch NYPT In The Bud." Oval

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch / “NYPT In The Bud”

The floral motif runs strong in this large sepia miniature. Each symbol carries into itself and it has accomplished this…

Brooches 25.06.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Romantic

Love Unites Us in a Stunning Sepia Brooch

This sepia brooch exemplifies its style and setting in fashion, as often sepia miniatures are considered by many to be…

Brooches 22.06.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch

“Hope of Eternal Life” – Sepia Mourning Brooch

Rarely does a jewel offer so many areas of interpretation and resonate with such a unique story of its own….

Rings 04.06.2012
Wheat Sheaf Ring, 18th Century

18th Century Wheat Sheaf Hairwork Ring

The wheat sheaf was one of the more common symbols used in late 18th century Neoclassical jewels, a symbol that…

Rings 01.06.2012
Cupid Neoclassical Ring

Pipe Playing Putti Mourning Ring,1787

Often, a mourning or sentimental jewel may require a level of thought and reflection that is so intrinsic towards its…

Rings 30.05.2012
Smith 18th Century Mourning Ring

Late 18th Century Oval Hairwork Mourning Ring

I find that the simplest of mourning jewels are the ones with the biggest tales to tell. There is much…

Rings 28.05.2012
Love Survives With Death Divides Ring

Love Survives With Death Divides in a Ring

Love, sentimentality and mourning became a personal thing during the late 18th century, something facilitated by the humanist Neoclassical movement….

Rings 25.05.2012
1792 Enamel Mourning Ring

Enamel Urn and Willow Ring, 1792

Here, we have a truly special ring that reflects a popular design of the 1790s that leant itself to all…

Rings 18.05.2012
The Forget Me Not Blue Enamel Diamond Ring Navette

Diamond Navette Ring, Late 18th Century

The combination of blue enamel and diamonds aren’t a coincidence, there are intrinsic links in their symbolism and meaning that…

Rings 16.05.2012
Black Enamel Swivel Ring Georgian

Black Enamel Swivel Ring, 1798 “Sacred to Friendship”

With this remarkable ring, we have an adoption of old styles moving into the beginning of the 19th century. This…