Rings 24.11.2017
 White Enamel Mourning Ring for Wm Benham ob 30 Apr 1796 aet 23

White Enamel Mourning Ring for Wm Benham ob 30 Apr 1796 aet 23

When the young die, they leave behind a lasting imprint on the memory of a family. Their impact was felt…

Rings 01.12.2014
forget-me-not ring, sentimental, blue enamel, cobalt, diamond, rose

Love, Flowers and Diamonds Create a Perfect Ring

Floral motifs in the late 18th century mark a change in symbolic and mourning practice. Even more than just for…

Rings 28.04.2014
Onyx ring with willow and urn

The Urn, Willow and Onyx in the 18th Century

The urn and willow captured the imagination of the 18th century like no other mourning symbols. Their prominence of design…

Lockets 21.01.2013
Navette Neoclassical Bow Pendant

Hairwork Bow Inside a Neoclassical Pendant

This beautiful sentimental pendant houses the initials and hair of both lovers, tied in a bow with pearls. The concept…

Lockets 26.12.2012
Black Enamel Mourning Pendant Hairwork Neoclassical

Pouncy Mourning Pendant, 1793

 For historical research on this piece, please read this article by Sarah Nehama The period of 1790-1800 was one of…

Rings 01.06.2012
Cupid Neoclassical Ring

Pipe Playing Putti Mourning Ring,1787

Often, a mourning or sentimental jewel may require a level of thought and reflection that is so intrinsic towards its…

Rings 30.05.2012
Smith 18th Century Mourning Ring

Late 18th Century Oval Hairwork Mourning Ring

I find that the simplest of mourning jewels are the ones with the biggest tales to tell. There is much…

Rings 28.05.2012
Love Survives With Death Divides Ring

Love Survives With Death Divides in a Ring

Love, sentimentality and mourning became a personal thing during the late 18th century, something facilitated by the humanist Neoclassical movement….

Rings 18.05.2012
The Forget Me Not Blue Enamel Diamond Ring Navette

Diamond Navette Ring, Late 18th Century

The combination of blue enamel and diamonds aren’t a coincidence, there are intrinsic links in their symbolism and meaning that…

Rings 14.05.2012
Blue Enamel 1796 Oval Pearl Ring

Blue Enamel 1796 Oval Pearl Ring

With neoclassical pieces, there is continuity to them and not just a broad period where different styles were mixed. Notice…

Rings 11.05.2012
1794 watercolour Ring

Hope, Heaven and Colour in This 1794 Ring

‘Affection weeps, heaven rejoices’ announces this watercolour on ivory ring and from the unique symbolism to the marvellously crafted mourning…

Rings 04.05.2012
Towards Heaven Sepia Ring

Towards Heaven 1792 Sepia Ring

Physical direction and movement in Neoclassical jewels of the late 18th and early 19th century which depict mourning and sentimental…

Rings 02.05.2012
1792 Sepia Mourning Ring

Two Lovers Captured in a Sepia Ring From 1792

The transference into the Neoclassical period of the 18th century exemplified the humanist movement in such a way that, even…

Rings 30.04.2012
Eliz Legrew Ob 4th July 1791 AE 34 / Weep Not Ring

Eliz Legrew Ob 4th July 1791 AE 34 / Sepia Male Mourning Ring

The male in mourning rings of the late 18th century and the Neoclassical period is a rare and important symbol,…

Rings 24.04.2012
There is But a Step Between Me and Death

There is But a Step Between Me and Death in This 1789 Ring

Here is a ring that is in particularly unique. This ring shows all the markings of being something that defies…

Rings 23.04.2012
Irish Langdale Ring Pair

Irish Sister Rings for Thomas Langdale, 1790

These two rings originally came from two sisters in Ireland in 1790. Both are identical, but suffer from damage in…

Rings 18.04.2012
1788 watercolour Ring

1788 Watercolour on Ivory Ring

Much has been written about sepia on Art of Mourning, but there was another (and even as popular) style of…

Rings 16.04.2012
1787 Sepia Ring

Sepia Dove, Wreath, Hearts and a Column in a Georgian Ring

Duality is the perfect way to describe this ring, in its symbolism, style and dedication. Dedicated to two people and…

Rings 11.04.2012
On This Shall Dwell the tender thought mourning ring

“On This Shall Dwell the tender thought” Sepia Mourning Ring

Much of the style of this particular ring is very reminiscent of the Neoclassical pieces c.1780 in France and across…

Rings 09.04.2012
1786 Fleur De Lis Mourning Ring

1786 Black Enamel Fleur-De-Lis Mourning Ring

The fleur-de-lis is an interesting design for the above ring, especially for a piece of this time. The significance of…

Rings 06.04.2012
Gentleman Mourning Ring

A Navette Sepia Hairwork Mourning Ring, c.1790

The male figure in mourning depictions during the late 18th century Neoclassical period are some of the most unique and…

Rings 04.04.2012
To Bliss" / "In life Beloved, In Death Lamented

“To Bliss / “In life Beloved, In Death Lamented” A Sepia Ring

In the similar way that the “Sacred Will I Keep They Dear Remains” piece was personalised with the sentiment written…

Rings 02.04.2012
	c. 1786 Dedication: 	Cath Motley, ob 11 of Dec, 1786, AE 69 / Sacred Will I Keep Thy Dear Remains

1786 Sepia Ring “Sacred Will I Keep Thy Dear Remains”

“Sacred Will I Keep They Dear Remains” is a poignant statement that relates directly to the nature of the person…

Rings 30.03.2012
1786 Sepia Ring

1786 Sepia Ring “What Thou Has Lost, Heaven Has in Store”

Artwork painted on ivory (and sometimes vellum or paper) from the latter 18th Century tend to vary in quality. Sometimes…

Rings 28.03.2012
Prepare To Follow Sepia Urn Mourning Ring Neoclassical

1785 Sepia Urn and Willow Neoclassical Mourning Ring

The sepia work in the above piece is what makes it so special and an excellent representation of its time….

Rings 26.03.2012

Blue/White Enamel Urn in Navette Georgian Ring

Enamel became one of the more important symbolic identifiers of the 18th century; its subtle use could denote the amount…

Rings 23.03.2012
Sepia Ring, 1782

Sepia “For Us They Sicken, and For Us They die” 1782 Ring

Crisp sepia art and fine detail are two very desirable things in late 18th Century pieces. The above example from…

Brooches 08.08.2011
Red Enamel Navette Pearl Brooch

Navette Red Enamel Brooch (with pearls!)

Nothing is quite so sad for me as to see an antiques dealer retire or go out of business. In…