Collecting 26.07.2010

Art of Mourning Schedule Changes

Due to some overwhelmingly kind words and requests, Art of Mourning is going to be doing some changes to the…

Art 11.07.2010
1830 Memorial and Hairwork with Wreath

Spotlight On: 1830s Hairwork and Memorial

With its hairwork and wreath, this piece is quite a unique piece of funeralia that is certainly relevant. This piece…

Funeralia 05.07.2010
Swiss 1855 19th Century Memorial Art

Spotlight On: 19th Century Swiss Memorial

This memorial dates from around the Swiss region c.1855 and combines hairwork with sepia to create a powerful memorial. The…

Funeralia 04.07.2010
1840 Memorial Wreath

Spotlight On: 1840s Mourning Wreath

Hairwork has a large role to play in the creation of much memorial art. Other hairwork memorials such as this…

Art 03.07.2010

Morbid Ink: Field Notes on the Human Memorial Tattoo

If you’re in the UK and happen to be near Bath, this is one to mark on your calendars. The…

Accessories 30.06.2010

Spotlight On: Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales Medallion

Commemorative medallions, such as the piece above, are a popular part of the mourning industry. Princess Charlotte Augusta, married to…

Art 02.05.2010

Cause For Concern?

Now, here is a piece that has caused a lot of distress to many people in the past. If you’re…

Art 02.04.2010

Faux Friday: Mourning and Sentimental Art Revivals, Part 1

The different styles of jewellery, be they Baroque, Gothic, Rococo or Neo-Classical, all experienced periods of revival after they were…

Other 11.03.2010

Wearing Hairwork: Why, Hayden, Why?

Wearing hairwork isn’t something that I would recommend as a daily habit. My only caveat for that is that if…

Art 10.03.2010

Mourning or Memorial?

I get asked the question a lot of what is mourning and what is memorial. Well, the answer to this…

Bracelets 05.03.2010, Modern Mourning Jewellery

Quite a wonderful enterprise is what Chris and his team are doing at, I’ll let him explain: “ was…

Brooches 01.03.2010

Halley’s Comet in Jewellery

Recently, I’ve been thinking of the previous time that Halley’s Comet passed us all by (9 February 1986 for all you kids out there) and this reminded me of that fascinating style of jewellery known as the Halley’s Comet pin or brooch.