Rings 06.08.2015
Silver gilt ring, the applied bezel with a heart between two death's heads. The hoop engraved with a worm and inscribed in black letter + iohes godefroy

The Earliest Mourning Ring

Discovering a beginning is the true way to understand the very essence of a concept. Mourning, at its core, is about…

Collecting 30.05.2010

How Far Would You Go?

Just how far would you go for a piece? In terms of distance, of course, I don’t want to imply…

Rings 08.03.2010

George Washington Memorial Ring, A Reflection

George Washington was a unique individual. It’s redundant to speak about his importance to United States history and rather than…

Rings 04.03.2010

Lord Nelson Mourning Ring: Do Want

Well, I get the question a lot of why do I do what I do and this ring pretty much…