Collecting 24.12.2011

Christmas Gifts

For January only, Mark and Lord Coconut along with your dearest Art of Mourning will be offering 10% off all…

Rings 01.07.2011
Urn Willow Onyx Mourning Ring

An Onyx Urn and Weeping Willow Ring Forever After

If you know me well enough, you may think this is hypocritical, but sometimes I often buy jewellery to wear….

Symbolism 17.04.2011
Greek Key Brooch Victorian

Symbolism Sunday, The Greek Keys

Good morning, jewellery historians! It’s time to unlock your doors, welcome in that fresh sea breeze and start preparing a…

Symbolism 10.04.2011
Urn in jewelery

Symbolism Sunday, The Urn

Here’s a surprising one for a Sunday morning! Why so surprising? You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d already written…

Symbolism 03.04.2011
Poppy in Jewelery

Symbolism Sunday, The Poppy

It’s Sunday morning and you’re no doubt munching on a poppy seed bagel or some other baked treat and you’re…

Symbolism 27.03.2011
forget me not 20th century

Symbolism Sunday, The Forget-Me-Not

I’m about to travel around the world for several weeks, so here’s an appropriate symbol to carry us through; the…

Symbolism 13.03.2011
Broom locket symbolism jewellery

Symbolism Sunday, The Upside-Down Torch

Let’s light the way this Sunday with one of the more unfortunate symbols in jewellery history, a symbol that would…

Symbolism 06.03.2011
The peacock in jewellery symbolism

Symbolism Sunday; The Peacock

Rarely does a symbol encompass so much and rarely does a symbol appear do visually stunning as a motif that…